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Why You’re Worth Dating, Based On Your Birth Month


You’re good with details. You’re going to remember the little things about your partner, things that most people would let slip their mind. Since you’re so observant, it’s easy for you to predict what your partner wants and how to treat them.


You have a good imagination. That creativity allows you to come up with adorable date ideas and purchase sweet, sentimental gifts for special occasions. Your person will always feel loved when they’re with you because you keep things fresh and exciting. You keep them on their toes.


You pride yourself on your honesty. Even when it’s hard to look someone in the eye and tell them the truth, you do it anyway. You are transparent about every aspect of your life because you would never want to keep secrets from your partner. You are always honest, so they can always trust you.


You put one hundred percent of your effort into everything that you do. When you care about someone, you will go above and beyond for them. You will put in the effort. You will do the work. You aren’t afraid to speak your love loudly and proudly.


You have a playful, silly side. You’re always looking to have a good time and really let loose around the people that you trust. When you’re in a relationship, most of your days are spent laughing. You’re more than partners. You’re best friends, too.


You always know the right thing to say to cheer your person up. You’re great at giving pep talks and making people feel like they have value. Your support and encouragement make you an excellent partner. You’re a real teammate, in every sense of the word.


You are never quiet about your love. When you care about someone, you want the world to know. You want to show this person off and brag about how you get to be with them. You’ll make your partner feel like the most beautiful person in every room because you can never shut up about how great they are.


You’re a natural leader. You love taking charge in situations, so your partner can sit back and relax while you do the majority of the work. You enjoy planning dates and coming up with vacation ideas and coordinating outfits. You enjoy being in charge.


You’re a fixer. If your person is struggling, you’re going to do everything within your power to help them. You’re going to go above and beyond until they feel okay again. You can’t stand watching our loved ones hurt. You always do something about it.


You’re filled with passion. Once you know you can trust someone, you will be one hundred percent committed to them. You will make them feel extra special because you won’t be able to get enough of them. You’ll want to spend every moment with them.


You are fearless and spontaneous. If your partner wants to try something new, you’ll be up for the challenge. You will rarely tell them no because you’re excited to go on adventures with them. Together, you’ll always be having fun.


You’re highly intelligent. You’re always going to be teaching your partner new things – and will be happy to learn from them as well. When you’re together, it will be a chance to grow. To become even better people and partners.