10 Relationship Promises That The Right Person Will Never Break

10 Important Promises That The Right Person Will Never Break

They will promise to stay loyal to you.

The right person isn’t going to betray your trust. They are going to treat you right from day one, and that will never change, no matter how long you are together. This person will understand that trust is hard to earn but easy to break, and they won’t risk doing anything to change the way you look at them. They will stay loyal to you in every sense of the word.

They will promise to respect your boundaries.

They won’t peer pressure you into doing anything that makes you uncomfortable, and they won’t tease you about things that are off-limits. They will make you feel safe and secure. They will create a sense of calm and comfort. They won’t do anything to make you uneasy.

They will promise to listen.

They will respect your opinions and listen closely when you speak. They will always tell you little details about their day and they will be excited to hear about yours. They will be your best friend as well as your lover.

They will promise to learn.

They will actively try to become the best possible version of themselves. They will never stop educating themselves because they know they are a work in progress. And they will support your growth, too. They will encourage you in everything that you do and will be your biggest cheerleader.

They will promise to never take you for granted.

They will thank you whenever you do something nice for them. They won’t let the days pass without reminding you how much you mean to them. They will reassure you that they are happy to be with you and that they are thankful for everything that you do.

They will promise to be there through tough times.

They won’t run away when life gets complicated. They will stand by your side and help you through your worst moments. They will be your shoulder to cry on because they are your teammate. They would never make you go through this pain alone.

They will promise to tell the truth.

They will have hard conversations with you. They will reveal whatever is on their mind. They won’t let problems fester and resentments grow. They will tell you when something is wrong and will want to hear when something is bothering you.

They will promise to put effort into loving you right.

They will work hard to keep the relationship strong. They will do their fair share of the work. They will say those three little words and help with chores and do some of the planning. They won’t expect you to do it all alone.

They will promise to be present.

They will show up when it matters, and they will put the phone down when you’re speaking. They will never make you feel like they’re far away when they’re sitting right next to you. They will make sure that they are enjoying every second of your quality time together.

They will promise to uphold their promises.

When they tell you that they’re going to do something, they will follow through. They will always keep their word. They will do their best to give you everything that you deserve and more.