10 Reasons Why Aquarius Is The Most Misunderstood Zodiac Sign

As an Aquarian who has taken interest in astrology, it stung to discover how many people loathe this sun sign. While most people express excitement learning their new bestie, romantic interest, or co-worker’s zodiac sign, I know that revealing mine comes along with automatic negative connotations. Type in the Google search bar “Why don’t people like Aquarius?” and you’ll quickly see what I mean.

Individuals studying the stars and their spiritual meanings on the internet tend to show dislike towards the “alien of the zodiac.” We’re often described as unpredictable, cold, and detached, which are assumptions that cause us more harm than good during first impressions.

This common stereotype baffled me so much that I strive to be the exact opposite of it. It’s taken me a while to embrace my Aquarian placements, but I’ve found ways to prove the toxic stigmas wrong (which, I know, is very Aquarian of me).

Aquarians are imperfect, just like the rest of the zodiac signs, but we’re profoundly misunderstood. Here are 10 reasons why I think Aquarians are the most falsely interpreted zodiac sign.

1. Aquarians Lean Towards Logic, But Their Feelings Run Deep

We tend to make sense of the world through a logical lens, but we love with every atom in our being. When we love someone, we don’t love half-heartedly. Aquarians struggle showing it, that’s all.

2. Aquarians Are Stubborn, But Loyal To A Fault

We often hold strong beliefs, but this is also part of what makes us very loyal to our family, friends, and careers.

3. Aquarians Know They Aren’t Always Right, But They Get Embarrassed About It

We usually know we’ve made a mistake before anyone even calls us out on it, but we are embarrassed by it. We take pride in our intellect, so we’re afraid people will think we’re stupid when we get something wrong. An aware Aquarius will usually apologize and take responsibility for their errors.

4. Aquarians Look At The Big Picture, But They Still Notice Details

We like to view things from a ‘greater good’ perspective, but we still notice the small gestures people make. We might not vocalize it, but we’re very observant.

5. Aquarians Are Similar To Leos In Many Ways, But They Express It Differently

Although Leos are considered the opposite of Aquarians, both signs are stubborn, loyal to fault, and extremely creative in their own ways.

6. Aquarians Root For the Misfits Because ‘We Are The Weirdos, Mister’

We love that we are described as unique and weird. This is also a personality trait we admire in others. It’s the inner rebel we carry inside us shining through. Your strangeness is safe with us.

7. Aquarians Are Guarded, Not Cold-Hearted

We might not talk openly or freely about our emotions, but we feel so deeply that it makes us lose sleep at times. We tend to internalize our feelings because we don’t like to cause drama. It takes time for someone to gain our trust.

8. Aquarians Find Routines Boring, Although They Crave Security

We thrive in our imaginative endeavors, but we also want to feel safe and secure. It’s one of our many contradictions. This is why we may seem spontaneous at times. It is part of what fuels our curious nature. We need mental stimulation, which means we like to switch things up from time to time.

9. Aquarians Are Humanitarians At Heart

We will sacrifice everything and anything for those we love. Deep down, as absurd as we may seem, we just want to make the world a better place.

10. Aquarians’ Solitude Is Sacred To Them

Aquarians are very independent. We appreciate solitude because it frees us from distraction. We may seem detached, but it’s because we are trying to process so much information. We like spending time with ourselves and find joy in solitary activities. It doesn’t mean we don’t like to socialize, we just prefer to socialize selectively.