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22 Men Discuss The Biggest Green Flags That Make A Woman ‘Wife Material’

In a world that’s so focused on finding the red flags, it’s easy to forget that green flags are just as important. Here are 22 men sharing the biggest signs a woman is definitely “wife material.”

When she shows sincere interest in the things he loves (but without going overboard)

When she tries to get interested in your interests without overstepping boundaries


When she pays attention to the little details.

Actually paid attention to me. Like not just casually, but asked me about me. What I liked, what I didn’t, remembered my birthday. Simple things just showed that she cared about me for me.


When she is patient and compassionate when he makes mistakes.

Couple of dates in, I forgot exactly where I had parked while hanging out downtown..she didn’t flip out..she was super cool and said “this is how you find new places”…

That wasn’t the only reason she’s asleep beside me right now but it sure helped.


When she knows how to communicate her needs and boundaries.

When she openly and clearly articulates her needs and what she wants out of me, out of life, and out of others around her.


When she’s able to take responsibility for her own actions.

“Yes, I was wrong about that and I’m sorry. I will do better next time”.

So few people will admit failures and accept responsibility these days that when I see it in a woman, I start planning for the future.


When she brags about her man to others (even though he’s not perfect).

She brags about you to her friends although you know you’re a shithead


When she clearly communicates when he does something to upset her.

When I did something that she didn’t like and she told me. She didn’t beat around the bush and wasn’t passive aggressively “punishing” me. Then, after, she didn’t need to argue her point with me. She said her piece and was done.


When she doesn’t get jealous of his female friends.

She can meet female friends of mine and not be suspicious or jealous.

She has friends of her own and does not need me to entertain her 24/7.


When she is independent.

Can enjoy life to the fullest without relying on someone else, including me


When she is nurturing.

“Have you eaten yet today?” Any woman who genuinely cares about your nutrition is a keeper.


When she’s affectionate.

She hugs you extra long. She hums and plays with your hair as you lay on her chest after sex. She fights for you. She tells your mom what she loves about you.


When she’s honest and committed.

Truth over comfort — being willing to have difficult discussions that disrupt comfort in order to maintain integrity and real intimacy between us.

Meeting me regardless of circumstance. Same as above but a wider view. If something is going on, maybe there is an obstacle but she always finds her way back to connection. It’s the same as commitment. That regardless of what goes on, coming back to the table. Being emotionally met in this way means that I get heard, she gets heard, and we grow together. It’s huge and it creates safety and trust.


When she gives genuine compliments.

When she gives me compliments. Men are so deprived of this that even the simplest ones will make my month.


When she loves him for exactly who he is.

Being accepted for who you are, including flaws both physical and emotional.


When she matches his energy.

If she reciprocates my love for her. She wants me. I mean all of me. She wants to get to know me, she finds me interesting, she goes out of her way to be around me or to talk to me. She respects my boundaries and always tries to be completely honest and sustain open communication. She loves me not for what I can give her, or what she can take from me, but just me.

I’ve never felt any of those things in my life. But I’m hoping one day it’ll come. I just keep trying to be myself and gain my confidence and improve on myself as much as I can every day.

Wilhelm Trooper

When she has her shit together.

When she really has her shit together, like goals for the future and all, plus when she knows she can confide to me and be there for our ups and downs.


When she’s good with kids.

How she acts with kids – The patience, the beauty, intentionality… I love that


When he never gets tired of her company.

If you don’t ever get tired of being around her. If you can sit in the same room and both be working on something and not be talking and just be happy that they are there with you. If you are dating someone and you just want to go home it’s a bad sign obviously. But if you don’t feel comfortable staying the night with them or just would rather go home, that will get worse over time.


When he feels safe crying in front of her and telling her about the tough things he’s experienced.

She’s the only girl I’ve been with that I cried too. The first time I cried about something that really sucked in my childhood, she rubbed my back and listened and told me she was always there. She’s done the same our whole marriage.


When she treats people in the service industry with kindess and respect.

She is super nice to cashiers and waiters/waitresses


When she’s not afraid to be goofy.

Sense of humor, bad puns and being an absolute goofball. A lady that knows how to joke around is a rare find. A woman like that will keep you happy and you’ll find yourself doing anything to keep her happy and yours


When he can’t take his eyes off her, he knows she’s the one.

No matter who is in the room you can’t keep your eyes off her and you want to interact with her everyday.