3 Bare Minimum Behaviors To Stop Romanticizing During The Talking Stage

1. Texting back.

Like, come on. Texting back is the absolute bare minimum!!! There is truly nothing impressive or romantic about someone having the ability to reply to your texts in a timely manner (or at all). Don’t allow yourself to be swept off your feet by half-assed messages. Don’t be thrilled over horrifically delayed replies because “at least they replied.” No. Stop that. Want more for yourself than that because you deserve more than the bare minimum.

2. Being nice.

Being nice is the bare minimum because someone you’re dating or talking to should always be nice to you. They should always treat you with respect. They should always respect your boundaries. These are not bonus qualities, but necessities for healthy relationships.

While you can (should!) appreciate someone’s kindness, just remember that basic decency isn’t something to romanticize because it is simply a baseline.

3. Saying they want to see you but then never taking the initiative to actually make it happen.

I don’t care if they replied to your Instagram Story .5 seconds after you posted it. I don’t care if the message is asking you to hang out soon. I don’t care if they even used the fire emoji. It doesn’t mean shit. Action does. A plan does. Naming a time and place does.

This also applies to how they respond when you try and initiate seeing them. For example, if you’ve reached out several times attempting to make plans but are only met with a, “I can’t, sooooo busy, but soon!” but don’t hear anything about this “soon” until you posted that fire thirst trap? Run. Don’t fall for performative interest because it’s only done in their own best interest, definitely not yours.