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3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Blow Their Tax Return As Soon As It Hits Their Bank Account


Sagittarius, you are the #1 most spontaneous zodiac among all the signs. You love nothing more than an overdue shopping spree— and what better excuse than your tax return? Once that money hits your bank account, you’re sure to find the right way to spend it, whether it’s on a nice dinner with friends, some new clothes for the spring season, or a self-care night like no other.


Lavish Leo, you soak up any chance to treat yourself and the tax return you have on the horizon is the perfect reason to spend a little extra cash. You’ll likely use it for an item you’ve been salivating over for months or to host that fun themed party you’ve had in mind. Either way, that money will be rolled out as soon as it rolls in.


No one knows guilty pleasure like you, Scorpio, and this upcoming tax return is speaking right to your secret desires. There’s some hidden online shopping cart you’ve been eager to checkout on or a hip, upscale restaurant you have been itching to try and show off to your friends. Now that you have your tax return dollars, it’s time to put that money to good use.