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3 Zodiacs Feeling Extra Lonely On February 11

Valentine’s Day is approaching. It’s the holiday for love and companionship and showing each other and the world that you have someone special. But what about the single people? The ones who float through this romance-themed holiday without the benefit–or hindrance–of a significant other? For some, their singlehood is a blessing. After all, it’s better to be single than in a bad relationship. Still, for these three zodiac signs, they’re feeling particularly lonely in the lead up to Valentine’s Day. This February 11, your lonely heart is feeling more emotional than ever.


Normally you’re super chill with being alone. After all, you have complete freedom to do whatever you want when you don’t have a partner. Isn’t that the dream? But, whether you’d like to admit it or not, you’re not exactly happy about being single right now. You see your friends who’ve coupled-up and think, “Why not me?” Here’s something important to remember: There’s nothing wrong with being lonely. It doesn’t make you weak. While you might not want to tell people in your life about how you feel, for fear of being vulnerable, that doesn’t stop the fact that Valentine’s Day is making you wish you had someone.


Whatever you do, don’t scroll social media in the days leading up to Valentine’s Day. Not only will your feed be filled with happy couples, you might also get a dreaded glimpse of your ex. Whether they’re still single or–even worse–in a happy, committed relationship, seeing their smiling face will only compound this feeling of loneliness. Your emotional heart is extra sensitive right now. If you really want to embrace this feeling, skip social media and watch one of your favorite sad movies instead. At least then you’re shifting focus to fictional people and not the loneliness you’re feeling in real life.


On the outside, you seem just as you always do. Serene. Maybe a little moody. Definitely mysterious. But on the inside, as you inch ever closer to the manufactured holiday celebrating love, greeting cards, and the flower industry, you’re full of turmoil. You’re thinking about the exes who have broken your heart in the past. You’re thinking about the one who got away. You’re thinking about your happily coupled friends with grand plans for Valentine’s Day. And you’re thinking about how you’re stuck here, by yourself. Remember that this moment in time is fleeting. How you feel now is temporary. Who knows what next week will bring?