3 Zodiacs Who Are Never Going To Make The First Move
Aleni Stoakes

3 Zodiacs Who Are Never Going To Make The First Move

Some zodiacs are go-getters. They chase after whatever (or whoever) they want without stopping to second guess themselves. Other signs are a little more reluctant to make the first move. They are worried about getting their heart broken and would rather stay alone than risk getting attached. Here are some zodiac signs that probably aren’t going to admit their feelings for you, so you’re going to have to make the first move:


This zodiac sign dreams of finding their forever person and building a life together. But that doesn’t mean that they’re going to make the first move. Cancers tend to be shy and retreat into their shells when they feel even the slightest bit uncomfortable. Although they are fun and attentive around their loved ones, they do their best to blend in when they’re around new, unfamiliar faces. Cancers keep quiet and let others do the talking because they don’t want to embarrass themselves or end up bothering anyone. Since Cancers are so self-conscious, they assume the worst. They figure that their crush would turn them down anyway, so they never bother asking them out. They would rather keep their thoughts to themselves than face the rejection that they sense is coming.


Pisces care deeply about other people. They are worried about the way others perceive them, so they are terrified of rejection. They don’t want to put their heart on the line and end up getting it broken (especially in front of an audience). They would rather suffer in silence and secretly pine over this person than come out and say what’s on their mind. Although they love the idea of entering a serious relationship, they never take the first step to make that happen. Instead, they’ll drop extremely subtle hints about their feelings and hope that the other person picks up on those hints. They never want to blurt out their feelings because they don’t want to get hurt – and they don’t want to make things awkward. They don’t want to lose someone they consider a friend because they’re on completely different pages.  


This zodiac is represented by a bull because they are incredibly stubborn. They resist leaving their comfort zones,  even when it would be good for them. They don’t want to put themselves in a stressful, unfamiliar situation. They would rather continue living their regular life, even if that life isn’t making them happy. Taurus are much more comfortable when things remain exactly the same. They are terrified of change, even if that change could lead to the best thing that’s ever happened to them. Since this sign is so stuck in their regular routine, they aren’t going to go out of their way to say hello to a cute stranger or ask someone new out on a date. If the other person makes the first move, they might agree to go out – as long as they take things slow. Otherwise, they probably won’t do more than stare longingly at their crush from a safe distance.