Megan Ruth

3 Zodiacs Who Deserve To Enter Their Main Character Era In 2024

Everyone deserves to be the main character of their lives, but these zodiac signs have been playing a supporting role for far too long. Here are three zodiacs who deserve to enter their main character era in 2024.

1. Cancer

Cancer, you have a natural instinct to be there for others but often abandon yourself in the process. In 2024, it is more than time for you to put your own needs first. Please know that self-care isn’t selfish; it is absolutely necessary. You can’t keep pouring from an empty cup, Cancer. You deserve to have yours filled, too.

2. Pisces

Pisces, you have big dreams and deserve to pursue them with reckless abandon. In 2024, give your dream life the chance to come to fruition by harnessing main character energy. You deserve to live the type of life you want. Be confident in yourself and get after it.

3. Taurus

Taurus, you are as grounded as they come. Your practicality is something to be admired but sometimes your common sense holds you back from living life to the absolute fullest. In 2024, become the main character of your own life and do it for the plot. Take risks. Let things fall apart and put them back together again. You’ll be all the wiser for it.