3 Zodiacs Who Should Take A Mental Health Day On November 17

Life is hard. Life is exhausting. Sometimes life gets so heavy that it’s damn near impossible to live day to day life without wanting to scream or cry or just curl up and fall asleep. And with the changing seasons and the days getting shorter and shorter, add Seasonal Affective Disorder to the list of reasons why you’re feeling so off. For the following three zodiac signs, November 17 is the perfect opportunity to take a mental health day, if you can. It might just be what you need to finally feel like yourself again.


You don’t usually like to admit when you need a mental health break. You’re much more likely to pretend everything is fine–like you’re the last person who would ever need something like this. But everyone gets exhausted sometimes, including you. You could continue to power through, but the longer you go on with business as usual, the worse it’ll get. Take a moment on November 17 so you don’t have a breakdown later.


You’ve known that you need a mental health day for a while, but you keep putting it off. That’s probably because of your out-of-this-world work ethic. You pride yourself on how hard you work and how you go the extra mile, so asking for a day off would go against the image that you’ve built. No one is superhuman, though–not even you. And if you do take a mental health day on November 17, make sure you’re actually resting and recuperating and potentially contacting your therapist. Don’t just fill it with more work you need to get done at home.


You keep taking on more and more. Any time someone at work asks you to take on more responsibilities, you say yes first and figure out how to jam it into your schedule once they walk away. Friends ask you for favors and you say yes, no questions asked. Unfortunately that means you’re becoming more and more overloaded and your mental health is suffering. Put everything on pause and ask for a mental health day on November 17. It’s okay to need something like this, and you’ll feel better if you take it.