Jakob Wandel

3 Zodiacs Who Struggle To Ask For What They Need In Relationships

Here are three zodiacs who struggle to ask for what they need in relationships.

1. Virgo

Attentive and nurturing Virgo loves helping everyone else with their problems and fulfilling everyone else’s needs but struggles to accept that same care and assistance from their partner. Stubborn Virgo would rather take care of everything they need themselves than admit they can’t do it all on their own.

2. Cancer

Cancer is ruled by the moon, making them deeply emotional and in touch with their feelings. Despite the fact they understand their needs, they struggle to share these needs with their person. This is because the sign of the crab hates conflict. Cancer would be afraid of starting a fight if they were to be honest about what they need.

3. Scorpio

Given the fact that Scorpio has major trust issues, opening up about what they need in a relationship is incredibly difficult for this water sign because they are afraid of being let down. They’d rather keep everything inside than risk being disappointed.