Skylar Kang

3 Zodiacs Who Struggle To Manifest Because They Can’t Decide What They Want

We hear about manifesting all the time. Think of what you want and you’ll start noticing opportunities to find it. It’s a hot topic for a good reason: Manifestation works. But there’s a scenario when it’s hard–almost impossible–to manifest what you want. For these three zodiac signs, it’s a struggle to get there because they have no idea what they want. How can you manifest if you can’t even decide what you want your future to look like? If you’re one of these signs, you might be struggling with manifestation right now, but you still have the potential to get there.


You have a hard time deciding what you want because it’s the long-term view you get stuck on. The idea of choosing something for your entire life sounds terrifying. What if you get bored? What if you change your mind? What if that manifestation turns out to be bad? If you’re living in these “what ifs,” you can hardly start channeling the power needed for manifestation. Remember that you can always change your mind. Manifesting what you want and changing your mind later is better than never making a decision at all.


How can you decide on one thing to manifest when you want everything to happen all at once? It’s your propensity to spread your desires thin that makes you a newbie when it comes to manifesting. While it may be difficult to decide on one thing, remember that this decision isn’t permanent. It’s not like you can only have one goal for the rest of your life–you just have to know when’s the right time for each of them. Just pick on and go with it, and, when you have time, start on a second. You’ve got this!


You struggle with deciding what you want because you’re afraid that you’ll make the wrong choice. You put all this pressure on yourself as if one incorrect decision will ruin everything. Truth is, no one can foresee all outcomes–we just move forward with the hope that it’ll all work out. If you want to manifest your dreams, you need to accept that you might stumble along the way. We all make mistakes, but it’s those who go for what they want anyway that truly thrive.