Ivan Samkov

3 Zodiac Signs Who Struggle With Self-Abandonment In Romantic Relationships

Self-abandonment is when someone neglects or suppresses their own needs, values, feelings, and desires. Self-abandonment can manifest in a number of ways, but it often shows up within the context of relationships. People who tend to abandon themselves usually put the needs of their friends, family, or partner ahead of their own, even if doing so hurts them.

Some people tend to engage in self-abandonment more than others. As such, here are three zodiac signs who struggle with self-abandonment the most, particularly in romantic relationships.


When empathetic and tender Pisces falls in love, they fall deeply and completely, so much so that they end up losing themselves in the relationship. Pisces will do anything for the person they love, even if it comes at their own expense. While Pisces may believe it is romantic to give up their own needs and wants in the name of love, it is not. True connection and romance is a two-way street, and Pisces deserves to have their energy, effort, and love matched.


Scorpio is an incredibly sensitive and intuitive water sign that is hyper-aware of others’ feelings, energies, and needs. While it does take Scorpio a lot of time to fall for someone else due to their trust issues, once Scorpio feels they can trust a person, they are devoted. However, this dedication often manifests as self-abandonment, particularly in regard to their values. Scorpio can be very possessive despite their independent side. In relationships, Scorpio can often become overcome with jealousy and is pre-occupied with their partner’s whereabouts and feelings. They will neglect everything else in their life, including themselves, to make sure their partner is still staying loyal.


When Cancer falls in love, they are deeply invested in their person. However, coupled with Cancer’s abandonment issues, this often results in Cancer putting their partner’s needs and wants above their own. Cancer will drop anything or anyone to make their partner happy, even if it hurts other relationships (including the one Cancer has with themselves).