3 Zodiacs Who Will Experience Good Luck In April

It can be difficult to feel lucky when Mercury retrograde is happening as we speak. This celestial phenomena makes life more difficult for most of us, meaning that April won’t be as smooth sailing as you might have hoped. And since Mercury retrograde is in Aries, you can expect all the chaos that this fiery sign would bring. Still, some of us will have an auspicious April despite this chaotic time. These three zodiacs will experience good luck this April, especially if they know where to look for it.


Your power this month comes from your social life. While your instinct might be to hide from everyone right now, your good luck will show itself if you step out of that protective shell. Find ways to see your favorite people this month. You may find opportunities you never would have come across otherwise. You should also be more friendly and talkative with safe strangers. Befriend a cool barista or compliment an elderly woman’s raincoat. These little acts will bring you closer and closer to the good luck you’re hoping for.


Look for your luck closer to home this April. That could look like skipping a trip (which might be a good idea during Mercury retrograde) to stay home, or making an effort to spend time with family. Lean toward matters of the heart rather than your desire for adventure. You may just create the kind of memories that last a lifetime, and good luck comes from those beautiful moments. At the very least, you could be avoiding bad luck by staying closer to home. While you don’t always like to avoid risk, now’s the time to steer clear.


While other zodiac signs might need to suppress their instincts during this rough celestial month, that’s not the case for you. You’ll find your good luck in your natural desire to help people in your community. Get out there and look for ways that you can improve the world around you. By being active in your community, whether in small ways or large, you’re creating the positive karma that will lead you to good luck. You’ll get from the world what you put into it, so bring the positive energy and good vibes.