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4 Zodiac Duos Who Are Definitely Not ‘Just Friends’


It may seem like Pisces is too timid and withdrawn to keep with Scorpio’s intensity, but what most people fail to acknowledge is that Pisces’ imagination can get wild enough to make Scorpio blush, or at least crack a grin. Pisces is likely to introduce Scorpio to some spicy fan fiction, and Scorpio will ask Pisces personal question after personal question to uncover all of their hidden fantasies and preferences. The two may appear the most innocuous pair to the untrained eye, carrying on very calm conversation, but when they sneak off together, no one realizes what’s taking place behind closed doors. While they may resist putting a label on their passionate connection, don’t believe their white lies. When these two say they’re just ‘hanging out’, it almost always means between the sheets.


These two signs are just way too emotional stable and mature to not attract the other. There’s no baggage, no red flags, clear and efficient communication, self-esteem, and life experience on all sides. Aquarius sees in Cancer the self-awareness they’ve been seeking in a partner, and Cancer sees in Aquarius someone who isn’t looking for all their problems to be solved by someone else. These two form an instant partnership build on mutual respect and attraction. It may take a minute to really establish itself as something truly romantic, because each party is so independent it may not be clear they’re looking for a significant other, but at some point it just can’t be denied that they’ve found one.


Gemini is the ‘yes man’ who is just waiting for Aries to come in and establish a boundary for them. The one who gives them permission to call in sick and spend the day in bed. Meanwhile Aries loves how Gemini has everything so perfectly organized. They bring a sense of structure, purpose, and direction to their lives that is just the thing they were missing. They perfectly balance each other, respecting each others strengths, and always willing to assist the other in any deficiencies. There is a sincere level of appreciation for the other that goes well beyond the platonic. Each sees the other in the fullest sense, for the good, the bad, and everything in between. It’s likely Aries will spill the beans about their feelings first, unless Gemini’s anxiety reaches its breaking point first.


Sagittarius wants to be singled out by Leo, chosen as their favorite person among the rest. And Leo gravitates towards Sagittarius’ blunt honesty. They way they know they’re never sugar coating or people pleasing. It’s a refreshing break from the social facades they’re used to. Both bring a level of positivity to the table that builds off the other’s. It’s like a pair of golden retrievers running through a sunny field of flowers. When Sagittarius drains their extroversion battery, they’re grateful to Leo for laying low at home with them. For being loyal and dependable and considerate. These two won’t recognize the chemistry at first, but once they realize they’d be jealous of anyone who took the other’s time and attention, the game is up.