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4 Zodiac Signs That Are Radically Defensive

Whether it’s due to their stubborn pride, fiery personality, or tricky moodiness, these 4 zodiac signs struggle to accept criticism. If you mention something slightly off about their mood or an action you want them to work on, their first resort is to deny and then defend. Their defensive ways can make them hard to confront and leave you feeling defeated because you can barely get a word in edge-wise.

Is this behavior ringing any bells? If so, your loved one is most likely one of the following 4 zodiac signs. And while the aspects of them are what’s driving them to be so defensive (they’re sensitive, prideful, etc.), it doesn’t make them any easier to talk to.

Be careful when approaching these 4 signs with any sort of issue because while their bark is worse than their bite, they’re sure to put up their best defense and snap back.


Aquarius individuals are incredibly intelligent; constantly seeking ways to push their intellect and explore new experiences. This admirable curiosity is what makes them one of the most independent signs. They are never afraid to speak their mind and stand up for what they feel is just. While this makes Aquarians incredibly loyal friends and hardworking advocates, it also makes them extremely defensive. An Aquarius feels their knowledge base is solid, leaving little room for little to no gaps and thus, when they are confronted or called out, they are quick to respond.

It can be tricky to have an open discussion with those in Aquarius, however, when approaching them the right way, you’ll find they can be reasonable and articulate.


An Aries’ fiery spirit translates to more than just their charisma and confidence; it also applies to their coping mechanisms. Aries individuals are natural-born leaders and are often very attractive, positive folks to be around. However, this innate ability to be in charge leaves them feeling hard to question. When loved ones confront them, they are quick to throw up their walls and defend their pride. Aries are passionate and stubborn, meaning they have a hard time admitting when they’re wrong or laughing something off if it crosses a line.

The flaming hot aura of Aries is usually one that puts them in the limelight. Just be careful when you approach them with criticism because that heat translates to their confrontation style as well.


One of Cancer’s best qualities is also their trickiest to handle: sensitivity. As sensitive, caring souls, it’s easy for them to be in tune with their emotions and the emotions of those around them. Their profound ability to connect and empathize with others is what makes them the most thoughtful friends or partners. However, Cancers have a tendency to be hyper-sensitive at times, leading them to be overly defensive and hard to talk with. Their emotional nature can cause them to overreact to small comments or bits of criticism.

If you catch yourself calling out a Cancer, try to be gentle, otherwise you’ll be a firsthand witness to them quickly throwing up their walls.


Scorpios are highlight dedicated to standing by one thing: honesty. Scorpio individuals will hunt for the truth and have a hard time telling even a white lie. They want to know the world and people around them inside and out which is what makes them incredibly loyal and dependable. However, this passion to know all also leads them to be incredibly defensive if someone questions their knowledge or character. They won’t tolerate being portrayed as misaligned with what they feel in their heart. Scorpios are admirably fearless and will always stand by what they think is right which is why they will pipe up if you call them out or criticize their judgment.

Over time, Scorpios can come around to your reasoning, just be careful when addressing them because they’re sure to say exactly what’s on their mind without holding back.