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4 Zodiac Signs That Can’t Handle Breakups

There’s nothing quite like the emotional turmoil of a breakup. The culminating point in any meaningful romance, the end of a relationship doesn’t necessarily have to be a messy or sordid affair.

In some cases, a breakup can make for a cathartic final meeting between two lovers who have simply drifted apart over time. In other cases, the breakdown of a relationship can have messy repercussions for both sides of the romance, with some signs taking it in a less graceful stride than their former romantic counterparts.


You love stability, fretting whenever someone proposes the idea of rapid, unexpected changes. A kind and supportive lover when it comes to long-standing romances, whenever a relationship ends, you suddenly feel adrift, struggling to adjust to the abundant disruptions in your life. Given how much you love routine, you react violently when faced with any decisions that threaten to upend the pre-established norm (like a spontaneous fight or a sudden breakup, in this case).


You wear your heart on your sleeve for everyone to see, proudly displaying your thoughts and feelings without the slightest provocation in conversation. A romantic at heart, when you fall in love, you tumble head over heels, throwing yourself after your loved one like a sentient, emotion-filled ragdoll. For you, the longer you spend with someone, the more deeply you fall in love with them–hence why it’s so difficult for you to say goodbye. Retreating into solid and lashing out whenever you’re reminded of your ex, you prefer erasing any memory of the relationship in order to avoid thinking about how happy you once were together.


Exhibiting massive amounts of “main character energy,” to you, life is all about being in the public spotlight, your overall existence unfolding like a theatrical drama. While your relationships tend to be emotional and sensual in its earliest stages, by the time that steamier romance has begun to cool, you start to view it in the most dramatic manner possible. In your mind, there’s no such thing as an amicable breakup, the possibility of ending things on good terms never entering into your head. Rather, you can’t help but feel hurt and betrayed once your partner begins losing interest, because deep down, you mortally dread the idea that you’re boring or undesirable.


Dating a Capricorn often feels like you’re wandering through a maze, each subtle turn revealing a whole dimension to their character. In many ways, it takes you a long time to open up to a person, with Capricorns sometimes going months before discussing certain aspects of their personal lives. Yet when you do finally decide to open your mouth, it’s like a massive weight has been lifted off your shoulders, giving you a chance to share all the feelings you kept bottled up for so long. Because of this, whenever a partner decides to leave, you instantly feel like all the time and effort you put into the relationship has ultimately come to nothing, triggering a tide of emotions from frustration and anger to lethargy and depression.