4 Zodiac Signs Who Are Hesitant To Accept Dates
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4 Zodiac Signs Who Are Hesitant To Accept Dates (Even If They Like You Too)

Some zodiacs are eager to go on dates because they are desperate to find the person who is right for them. But other signs are hesitant to go out with someone, even if they’ve spent weeks texting and getting to know each other over the phone or a dating app because they are intimidated or aren’t sure whether the relationship will work out. Here are some zodiacs who might hesitate to accept dates:


Taurus are scared of venturing outside of their comfort zones. Even if they think a certain someone has potential, the thought of going out with them will make them sick to their stomach. They are going to have a hard time deciding whether the date is worth all the effort and stress, since there’s a chance that they won’t work as a couple anyway. This sign is a little too pessimistic for their own good. They struggle to picture the good things that could come from a date because they’re too focused on all of the potential nightmare scenarios.


Virgos have incredibly hectic schedules. They don’t have much time to dedicate to dating, so when they’re going out with someone, that person better be worth their time and energy. Since they don’t want to waste precious hours that they could spend being productive on a dud date, this sign will overanalyze the person who asked them out. They will think through pros and cons of going out with them versus turning them down. They won’t listen to what their heart is telling them because they’re taking the situation a little too seriously. They aren’t thinking of this as one little date. They’re thinking of it as a day that could potentially change the course of their life if they end up committing to each other.


Capricorns are one of the most independent signs in the zodiac. They don’t need a partner in order to feel fulfilled because they don’t buy into the idea that you need a partner to be happy or successful. Since Capricorns are loners who feel like they’re doing perfectly fine on their own, the idea of dating won’t always appeal to them. After all, they would rather stay single than get their heart broken. They can’t stand messy feelings, so it sounds easier to avoid dating altogether and remain alone. It will take them a while to decide whether someone is worth the potential heartbreak they might experience in the end.


Scorpios aren’t going to trust you at first. They’ve been hurt too many times to believe every word that a stranger tells them. They need to get to know you better before they can determine whether you have their best interest in mind. Scorpios are going to hesitate to say yes to dating you because they don’t want to look foolish in the end. They don’t want to regret giving you a chance. The best thing to do is wait and see whether you really are as sweet as you seemed at first glance.