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4 Zodiac Signs Who Give Off Golden Retriever Energy

People with golden retriever energy give off positivity around everyone they meet. When you’re dating them, they’re so happy to see you and aren’t afraid to show it. And loyalty? They’re brimming with it. Does you or your partner give off golden retriever energy? You might if you’re one of the following four zodiac signs.


Taurus’s just want to find someone they can take home and cuddle with on the couch. They’re the ones with the puppy-dog eyes who always fall in love with their best friends. They love deeply, but in a quiet and companionable way. Rather than whisking you away to Paris for champagne on the Eiffel Tower, a Taurus is more likely to make out in front of a fire while wrapped in a blanket they crocheted themselves. They have the golden retriever energy that’s all about comfort and unconditional love.


As soon as a Leo finds someone they really like, they become the most important thing in their lives. Friends, family, work–it all comes second to the object of their affections. They’re the type to figure out your love language and then shower you with the kind of attention that makes you swoon. And just like a golden retriever, they’re happy if you give them equal attention (and might beg for it a little if they feel like they’re being ignored.)


We’re not just talking about any puppy energy here. Golden retrievers are a great breed for getting out of the house and going on adventures, which is peak Sagittarius. While cuddling on the couch is nice, Sagittarius loves outdoor activities and spontaneous outings. They’re the ones twirling you around on the beach or hiking up a mountain to have a picnic with a view. They’re the zodiac sign with golden retriever energy that makes you feel alive.


Pisces are all about loyalty. When they pick their person, they become the whole center of their world. While it may mean that they might forget about themselves sometimes, they certainly make their partners and friends feel special. It’s the selflessness that makes them give off golden retriever energy. That’s the thing: Pisces isn’t just a golden retriever for their partners. They give off the energy for everyone who’s honored enough to be a part of their inner circle.