4 Zodiac Signs Who Should Prepare For A Big Conversation Starting On 5/15

If you’ve been thinking of having a big conversation, these next few weeks may be your perfect opportunity!

On May 15th, Mercury, the planet of intellect and communication, moves into the pragmatic earth sign Taurus. Taurus is a sign most associated with security, beauty, and material values, and prefers to take a measured, grounded approach in life. We focus on similar themes when Mercury enters this sign in our conversations.

Mercury is the quickest-moving planet, meaning it will only remain in Taurus for approximately three weeks. In the process, it will form aspects to other planets and luminaries, and with the astrology of May being as favorable as it’s been, this could be an ideal opportunity to have significant conversations for a few zodiac signs.

Check your signs below (Rising, Sun, and Mercury) to see which zodiac signs should prepare to have a big conversation over these next few weeks!


It’s time to speak up about who you are, Taurus. Mercury is transiting your 1st House of Self and Identity, which could push you to have conversations surrounding your beliefs or strong opinions. If who you are or who you’re becoming is challenging for others to understand, you may also feel compelled to have conversations surrounding the changes you’ve undergone and why they matter to you. The good news is that you’ll communicate these thoughts with precision and ease, and depending on the day, you may feel more inclined to have the support of others in your corner. However, you could feel the need to prove yourself, which can get out of hand if you start dominating conversations to make a point. Trust yourself and others around you to foster productive dialogues, and know that if they still can’t agree or embrace you, you can feel confident within yourself nonetheless.


It could be time to ask for that raise or promotion, Leo. As Mercury transits your 10th House of Career and Public Image, this could work well in your favor to draft a proposal to your employers or apply for other roles you’ve been working towards. When Mercury and Jupiter form a conjunction (which will happen around June 4th), you may find this is a more favorable moment to have conversations surrounding pay increases or higher positions that pay more. Generally speaking, these next few weeks may also work well for you to communicate confidently regarding your tasks and projects with your bosses, and this may also work in your favor to throw your name in the hat for better positions down the line. Using this period to prepare yourself for important conversations is worth the investment. 


It’s time to have a more extensive conversation surrounding your relationships, Scorpio. With Mercury transiting your 7th House of Partnerships, this period is ideal for improving your current relationships or taking them to the next natural step. If you’ve had concerns about your relationships, this is a time to address them and get things out in the open to be worked through. If you want to change the nature of some of these connections, it’s worth bringing them up to see if the feeling is mutual. These can also apply to friendships or business partners, as you may find you haven’t been speaking your mind or communicating the way you would like. While these discussions can be tricky or even uncomfortable, you’ll have a stronger ability to say what needs to be said and stand behind it, so take the opportunity over the next few weeks to do so.


It could be time to have a bigger conversation about your past, especially regarding your childhood, Aquarius. As Mercury transits your 4th House of Home and Roots, you’ll naturally be drawn to more domestic matters, and you may need to have conversations surrounding home values or ways to function in the home if you live with others. However, it’s also likely that discussions surrounding your family history and childhood are at play and worth engaging in. Sometimes, there are things we aren’t aware of that have shaped who we are or behaviors that have affected us into adulthood. It’s easy to brush these things under the rug, but there are times when they need to be addressed, especially when healing is at stake. These can be sensitive and difficult conversations, yet with Mercury in this area of life, you will likely be able to communicate clearly and calmly what you need to address. While you can’t control others’ responses, finding the answers you’ve been looking for is important, so use this period wisely.