Avery Arwood

4 Zodiac Signs With Rose-Colored Souls

Optimistic, hopeful, delusional… there are many ways to describe someone who always wears rose-colored lenses. Certain zodiac signs seem to have pink glasses permanently attached to their faces. If you’re someone who sees the good in every person and situation (to the point that you ignore red flags), you might belong to one of these signs. Here are the four zodiacs most likely to view the world through rose-colored lenses and why.


Every zodiac sign has a unique symbol that encapsulates that sign’s quintessential qualities. Libra is represented by the scales, which tells us that Libras strive for balance in everything they do. The scales also highlight Libra’s optimism – this zodiac sign believes that for everything bad that happens, something good is on the way to outweigh it. Their rose-colored lenses help them overcome hard times and persist through any challenge.

Libras don’t like complaining and try to steer clear of negativity. They are natural people-pleasers and tend to absorb the feelings of others, so they prefer to be surrounded by only positive energy. They refuse to take their rose-colored glasses off for anyone, and will avoid the people and places that make them feel blue. Libras are excellent cheerleaders for their loved ones and always try to keep the mood light and pleasant. 


Each zodiac sign has a guiding celestial body that reveals something important about that sign. Leo is ruled by the sun, which tells us that Leos are bright, cheerful, and optimistic. They wear rose-colored sunglasses not to block out the light, but to make everything just a little bit more exciting and colorful.

Leos are known for having big, generous hearts. They want everyone to see the world as beautifully as they do, so they share their rose-colored lenses with their loved ones. Their positive energy is infectious, and it’s hard not to laugh and have a good time around this sunny zodiac sign. 


When it comes to zodiac signs who wear rose-colored lenses, Sagittarius just might take the cake. This is because Sagittarius is guided by Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, miracles, prosperity, and expansion. Thanks to Jupiter, Sagittarians are blessed with a cosmic dose of good luck. 

Things just have a way of working out for this star sign. As a result, Sagittarians are eternally optimistic. They are powerful manifesters, and their belief that good things are coming often makes it true.

Sagittarius’ rose-colored glasses also make them highly resilient. It’s hard to keep this zodiac sign down for long, even when disaster strikes or challenges arise. They feel and express their negative emotions, but then move on quickly, knowing that something wonderful is right around the next corner.


Pisces is ruled by Neptune, the planet of dreams, illusions, projections, and idealism. Thanks to Neptune’s influence, it’s easy to see that this zodiac sign wears rose-colored lenses. Pisces people are always daydreaming. They have their heads in the clouds, conjuring up their own happy worlds. Although they often struggle with deep feelings of melancholy and sadness, they find solace in their fantasies, slipping on their rose-colored glasses to escape.

Each star sign has a spiritual “age” based on the order of the zodiac. As the last of the 12 signs, Pisces is the “oldest” or most spiritually mature sign. This means that Pisces people have one foot on Earth and the other in the spiritual realm at all times. They see everything that happens on this planet through their pink-tinted glasses, and they are much more concerned with what happens in the next lifetime than in this one.