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4 Zodiacs Embarking On A Transformative Odyssey From 2024 Until 2044 

From 2024 until 2044, Pluto – the planet of power and destruction– transits the sign of humanitarian Aquarius. At the collective level, this means deep transformation when it comes to societal structure at large. In fact, the last time Pluto transited Aquarius was during the American Revolution! However, at the individual level, there are four signs in particular embarking on a deeply transformative personal journey during this twenty-year transit. 


You are launching a deep transformation of self during this transit. Twenty years from now you will be unrecognizable and move through the world in an entirely different way. Be brave! There will be many encounters during this time that make you question your sense of self. You will look at the world through a new lens, and it may not always look pretty from your perspective. But please trust that this change is for your ultimate growth, as this is your celestial butterfly moment. Your caterpillar self will dissolve within the next twenty years to emerge from this transit renewed with wings ready for flight. 


Leo, your transformation is happening in the realm of relationships. By the end of this transit, the way you approach partnership will be entirely different. Your relationships will prompt your evolution for better or worse. This journey is all about learning how to release control without letting love leave you powerless. It’s important to remember that the ideal transformation happens when you can work together one-on-one to achieve common goals. Your relationship needs matter equally as much as the needs of your partner. There is also strong potential for changes in your business partnerships during this time. 


For Scorpios, this Plutonian transformation is happening when it comes to home and family life. Our relationship to our ancestral roots is the foundation of who we are, but can also be the source of our most profound pain. This is an era of opportunity to confront familial healing. This may also be related more to your physical house. Your foundation might be shaking, but everyone needs to eventually define what home means to them and find somewhere to lay down their own roots.


Taurus, your transformation is taking place on the stage of career and public image. Don’t get too attached to a single career path over these next twenty years, as you will experience many evolutions when it comes to how you establish yourself in society. Pluto is pushing you toward your true calling and this is your time to confront the true power you’re capable of holding in the world. So boss up!