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4 Zodiacs Ready To Take A Leap Of Faith In March


Your leap of faith, Aries, is going to be to forgive someone. It’s okay if you don’t think they deserve it, or if you’re worried about trusting them again. This leap is for your benefit specifically, allowing yourself to learn how to let go of resentment and negative feelings. Remembering a time you made a mistake yourself and having the humility to give someone else grace in return. You can forgive without letting someone get close to you again, or you can give someone the opportunity to work their way back into your good graces. But this month you’ll learn that forgiveness doesn’t mean putting yourself right back in the same position that hurt you. It doesn’t make you vulnerable, it just allows you to heal and move on. It will make you feel lighter and free you from the stress and anxiety you feel from not seeing something sooner or removing yourself from a situation and thereby avoiding the pain. Your hurt is not a reflection of your worth. 


Your leap of faith, Leo, involves doing something alone. On purpose! It’s time to plan a solo trip, take yourself to dinner, go to the movies alone, or simply have a weekend to yourself. We all know you have people lining up down the block and around the corner who would love to join you in this task, but that little voice whispering in your head, the one that worries you don’t really know which are your own opinions or tastes and which you’ve taken on from mirroring the people in your constant periphery, that’s a fear you need to listen to. I know you probably have no experience being alone, that it terrifies you beyond belief. But you’ve got to give yourself more credit than that. If everyone else is vying for your company, why can’t you appreciate it as well? You’re not joining a monastery or a convent or taking a vow of silence. You’re just experiencing what it’s like to stand on your own two feet.


Your leap of faith, Virgo, involves trusting someone else with the planning. Maybe it’s a vacation, a move, a bathroom renovation, or something as small as date night. You won’t give up complete autonomy, but the mis-en-place is going to be handled 100% by someone other than yourself. It’s rare, if not unheard of, for you to let anyone even near the reins, let alone hold them, because you just don’t trust anyone to be as meticulous and thorough as you are. But that’s the whole point of a leap of faith. There is no safety net promising that this person won’t totally bomb, that you won’t have to step in and commandeer the project to get things back on course, but there is also no promise they won’t absolutely crush it and blow your mind with stellar results. Whoever you’ve chosen for this chance has already proven capable with smaller tasks, so delegate some other part of your life to them. We know you have your hands full already.


You’re going to do the thing, Pisces. The thing you’ve been itching to but haven’t found the cojones for until now. You’re going to leave the house wearing that bright lipstick, or get those bangs, or sign up for that juggling class. Whatever it is that has felt too “out there” to be widely socially accepted, you’re going to embrace it wholeheartedly. Because that fear is really just an excuse. You’ve never been a trend follower or cared what others thought. Your bigger fear is whether or not you can pull this particular thing off. You’re having the good kind of Instagram envy. You want to be able to style overalls like your favorite artist, not morph your face into a Kardashian filter. The things you want for yourself, the things you imagine yourself doing, are actually achievable. So make the purchase, fill out the webform, make an appointment. Whatever it is that is standing between you and the cooler, more confident and satisfied you you know you can be.