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4 Zodiacs Who Are Feeling Underappreciated This Weekend (June 2 – 4)

You work hard. You might keep your home immaculate or earn tons of sales at your job. While you might not be doing it just for the recognition, it can be a bummer when people in your life don’t notice what you’re doing. For the following four zodiac signs, all that hard work is catching up with you this weekend. You’re feeling underappreciated, like all that you’ve done is invisible. Are you one of these four signs?


You thrive on recognition. You’re known for it. If you work hard, achieve literally anything, it doesn’t feel real unless someone else notices. It’s like that “tree falling in the woods” analogy, except instead of a tree, it’s all the hard work you do. If no one notices, did it really happen? While you do a pretty good job stifling your need for recognition most of the time–you’ve got to be a team player after all–it hasn’t been so easy lately. You just want to feel like you’re doing the right thing. Hopefully you’ll get some good news soon.


You’re really good at just putting your head down and getting stuff done. You don’t need to be told or asked, you just do it. You could go months without anyone even noticing you, and you’re usually pretty fine with that. Yet lately you just feel annoyed. Because you don’t boast about how much you do, you’re starting to realize that most people in your life don’t even realize what you do for them. It’s not like you need a cake or something–although you wouldn’t exactly turn one down–but even just a simple “thank you” would do a world of good.


You’ll never be the one to announce your accomplishments. You worry that you’ll seem conceited. And yet, you still want that recognition. You hope that people will notice what you’ve done and bring it up so you don’t have to. How has that been working for you? While you might be lucky enough to have someone in your life who will announce how amazing you are to anyone who will listen, the odds are higher that you don’t. This weekend, you’re feeling particularly bummed that no one is noticing all that you’ve done. You might have to say something soon. There’s nothing wrong with some light bragging.


“I don’t need anyone” is a common refrain with you. You think you can do everything on your own, with no input from anyone. And you’re kind of right. You’re great at getting things done in an efficient and strong way. Unfortunately, when you do everything yourself, it’s easy for people to not even notice your hard work. While it may be tough to admit it, you need some recognition every now and then. This weekend you’re feeling underappreciated, and you might have to say something in order to feel right again.