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4 Zodiacs Who Believe Love Is About Sacrifice

Love is a beautiful thing. It’s supposed to enhance your existence, not make it heavier and darker. But be careful about what you consider love because you don’t want to settle for the illusion of it. Here are a few zodiacs who (wrongly) believe love is about sacrifice and need to start asking for more from their partners:


You are willing to do anything for the people you love. But that doesn’t mean you should be giving away pieces of yourself every single day. That doesn’t mean that you should be sacrificing everything that makes you happy when they aren’t willing to do the same. Love is supposed to be about compromise, about meeting each other halfway. If you’re the only one who is suffering, it isn’t right. Even if you’re doing it with a smile. Even if you’re happy to do this for them. One day, you’re going to start resenting what they forced you to give up, and what they refused to give up in return. Real love wouldn’t force you to do so many things that stress you out while your person is relaxing without a care in the world.


You are ruled by your passion because you believe love is the most beautiful thing in the world. You have been searching forever to find your soulmate, so it’s safe to say you are the type of person who would give it all up for love. But that’s not necessary. You can have your dream career and your dream partner. You shouldn’t have to give up friends for them, hobbies for them, your identity for them. Your person isn’t going to make you whole. You are already whole. They are only supposed to enhance this life that you’ve built on your own. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice your past self for them. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice what makes you happy outside of the relationship. You should be two complete people coming together to make each other grow, not to make each other smaller.


Leo, you always ask a lot from your person. You want them to choose you over everything else. You want to be their top priority. While there’s nothing wrong with wanting your partner to shower you with attention, you can’t expect to be their entire world. You can’t expect them to give up everything else that matters in order to make you happy. If you make sense together, then they won’t have to give up their passions and friendships. They can include you in their favorite activities. Or you can spend time on what you love while they do the same. It’s important to find a partner who is willing to make sacrifices for you — but it’s unfair to expect them to give up everything for you. They deserve happiness too.


When you fall in love, you’re willing to do anything for your partner. You will go above and beyond to bring them even the smallest shred of happiness. But there’s a difference between putting effort into the relationship and giving up pieces of yourself for the relationship. It’s important to work hard, but not to destroy yourself in the process. The right person wouldn’t ask you to give up what matters the most. They would support you. They would want you to be happy in every part of your life, not only your relationship with them.