4 Zodiacs Who Crush On Everyone Who Is Nice To Them

4 Zodiacs Who Crush On Everyone Who Is Nice To Them

Some zodiac signs are incredibly picky about who they keep in their lives. Others fall hard – and fast. Here are some zodiacs who commonly fall in love with anyone who holds open the door for them or pays them a compliment:


This sign is known for their friendly vibes. They can get alone with anyone – but when someone is extra nice to them, they won’t forget it. They will fall in love with the worker who brews their coffee or the cashier who rings them up at the supermarket. However, they might get over their crush as quickly as they developed it. Geminis are fickle. Their minds are always changing. One second, they will be able to picture an entire future with someone they spoke to once at a party – and the next second, they will move onto the person who is currently right in front of them, who is making them laugh and treating them like they matter.


This sign wants to be showered in affection. If someone pays them a compliment—on anything, from their outfit to their talent–they will instantly get attached. They will want to spend more and more time around this person in the hopes of receiving more praise. Leos want to be the center of attention at all times and will grow distant from partners who aren’t giving them enough attention. If someone else is giving them the ego boost that they crave, they will start crushing on that person. They know their worth, so they aren’t going to waste time with anyone who ignores them. But if someone treats them with kindness? They’re at least going to consider what it would be like to date them.


This sign sees the beauty in everyone they meet. They are eternal optimists who focus on the good and ignore the bad. Since they are able to find something fascinating about everyone on this earth, it’s easy for them to fall a little bit in love with anyone who shows them kindness. They don’t believe that their heart has to belong to only one person. They believe it’s possible to have multiple soulmates, make multiple meaningful connections. Libras try their hardest to see the beauty in this world and the people who inhabit it. They are endlessly searching for love, and they find it constantly, although it might not be permanent.


This sign likes to develop deep friendships before they take the next step. That’s why they commonly end up in relationships with their close friends. When someone is sweet and takes time out of their day to check in on them and laugh with them, a Taurus will gradually grow more and more comfortable. Although they won’t be ready to make out after their first meeting, they will start crushing on anyone who shows them kindness. They will daydream about what it would be like to get to know this person better. And if they actually get the chance to develop a deeper connection with this person, a real relationship could blossom.