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4 Zodiacs Who Deserve A Serious Break This Weekend (Nov 4-6)

It’s been a long week. The season is changing and the days are getting shorter. All the gloom means one thing: Some of us are exhausted. The following four signs would be better of scrapping all plans and just sleeping the weekend away.


Your social battery is drained, and that’s okay. Maybe your work week was full of annoying coworkers or customers, or maybe your threshold for other people’s drama is particularly low right now. Rather than forcing yourself to be around yet more people this weekend, listen to your own emotional health and steer clear of others. Stay home, watch a movie, play a video game, read a book. Heck, just sleep off the work week hangover that’s been plaguing you. Whatever it is, it’s better than muscling through more social interactions when you don’t have the energy for it.


Everything is big, big, big for you, Leo. Big emotions, big drama, big things happening in your work and personal life. While you don’t necessarily like to shy away from any of this, everyone needs a break–even you. Your instinct might be to continue moving forward at the rapid pace you’ve been on, but that’ll spell disaster this weekend. Instead, stay home, stay off your phone, and take it easy. I know laying low doesn’t really come naturally to you, but you’ll do fine.


You’re emotionally drained and just want to be alone this weekend. Sure, some in your life would insist that’s how you always are, but who cares? The fact that you know what you need is a blessing. The alternative would be to have your friends over so you can dump your emotional baggage on them, but I think we can all agree that wouldn’t be a great idea right now. So wallow in your sadness solo this weekend. Wear black, put on your favorite sad movie, and act like the tortured poet you know yourself to be in your heart.


You’ve been focusing more on the wants and needs of others this week rather than your own. While it’s noble as hell, this often means that you’re left drained and feeling a little bit used. You’re not any less of a badass if you don’t work at 100% at all times. If you don’t take a break this weekend–a real one without any obligations–you’re inching dangerously close to a burnout-induced nervous breakdown. Leave your texts on read and do all the self-care tasks you’ve been yearning for but leaving for another day. That day has come, Pisces.