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4 Zodiacs Who Experience Heartbreak The Most

The following four zodiac signs love deeply. When they devote themselves to someone, they do it with their whole hearts. Unfortunately, that means that, if the relationship ends, their hearts shatter into a million pieces, and it can take a lot longer to put them together. If you’re one of the following signs, you know first-hand how terrible heartbreak can be.


Although you’re more into long-term relationships than short flings, thus delaying heartbreak for years, you seem to always be the one with the broken heart by the end of it. Breakups ravage you. It’s like your whole world has turned upside down and you can no longer hold on. It gets so severe that your friends and family end up worrying about you since you’re taking the heartbreak so hard. No one will argue with you being the most experienced when it comes to heartbreak.


Not only have you gotten your heart broken a lot, but you seem to stew with the hurt and resentment for far longer than most other people. Your friends know all too well that you’ll be talking about your ex for years to come. How terrible they were, how much they hurt you, how poorly they must have moved on since you were the real catch in the relationship. While it’s fun to shit-talk exes, everyone gets a little tired hearing about it after a well. Remember there should be other parts to your personality than just how much your ex hurt you.


Scorpios often get heartbroken terribly–even when they’re technically the one doing the heartbreaking–because of the regret they feel about the relationship. You guard your hearts viciously, so when you feel betrayed, you often regret ever opening up in the first place. This is why, with every broken heart, you’ll say this more and more: “I’m never opening up again. This is why I don’t tell people things.” While you might not get your heart broken as often as others on this list, you let the aftereffects ruin your future prospects by closing up again.


Your moodiness comes out in full force when you’re going through a heartbreak. Cue the sad emo music and the movie marathon of all the films that make you sob. While others shy away from heartbreak, there’s a secret part of you that appreciates it. Because how can you find love without risking heartbreak? And with that mindset, it means that your heart has been broken a lot. And it’s hurt terribly every time. Luckily, those heartbreaks haven’t kept you from dreaming of future true love.