4 Zodiacs Who Get Stupid When They Fall In Love

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4 Zodiacs Who Get Stupid When They Fall In Love

Some zodiacs are able to separate logic from emotion. They keep a clear head, regardless of circumstance. Other zodiacs lose their common sense when they fall in love. Their mind gets clouded by emotions, making them do things they wouldn’t normally do. Here are a few zodiac signs who get stupid when they fall in love:


Cancers will forget what they deserve when they fall for someone new. They will lower their standards because all they want is to feel loved. All they want is to make their partner happy. In an effort to please their partner, they will completely forget about their own needs. They’ll think the sacrifices they’re making are romantic, but really, love shouldn’t mean giving up everything you want in order to give your partner everything they need. When Cancers fall in love, they stop caring about everything else – especially themselves. They get so lost in the relationship that they could end up miserable, and won’t even realize it.


Gemini have an impulsive side. When they fall in love, they are prone to making spontaneous decisions without thinking through the consequences. They follow their gut, and their heart, over their head, completely ignoring their common sense. They couldn’t care less about what others have to say about them (or how their decisions might impact them in the morning), so they’re going to do what feels right in the moment. After all, they live in the present. They can’t worry too much about the future because they never know what they’re going to want tomorrow. They can only worry about today.  


Scorpios are obsessive. When they fall in love with someone, that person is the only thing they’ll be able to think about morning, noon, and night. They’ll have trouble focusing because they won’t care about anything other than their relationship. They’ll be counting down the seconds until they see their partner again because love feels like the only thing that matters. They get so lost in their feelings that they up neglecting their other responsibilities. They stop putting in their full effort at work and with their friends because their priority is their partner. It’s hard for them to strike a healthy balance because when they first fall in love, the only thing they care about is their love. Nothing else matters.


Pisces are people pleasers. When they fall in love, there’s nothing they won’t do for their partner. Since they think with their hearts instead of their heads, they can make emotional decisions when they’re falling in love. They’ll be way more impulsive than usual and will make decisions on a dime because they’ll let their emotions (and their partner’s emotions) impact their decision making. They’ll do whatever feels best for the relationship instead of whatever is best for themselves. Even though their selflessness can be a positive trait, sometimes it means they’re giving and giving without getting anything in return. Sometimes it means staying with the wrong person who never returns a single favor.