Sh Sayadli

4 Zodiacs Who Hide Their Disappointment


As the fixed earth sign of the Zodiac, Taurus is known for practicality, reliability, and steadfastness. In interpersonal relationships, Taurus may accept behaviors less than what they deserve, as this sign values protecting peace and working towards a larger goal. It’s important Taurus learn to speak up for themselves when situations arise rather than mask underlying feelings. Disappointment need not equate to anything larger, and learning to handle situations as they come will ultimately grows and transforms relationships. 


A sign who thrives in the spotlight, Leo has two tendencies when feeling hurt — to either call for others’ attention or shrink and refuse to engage completely. Innocently, Leo is prone to altering emotional expression in an attempt to avoid revealing deeper, often more vulnerable, truths. With loyalty being one of Leo’s highest values, this sign fears the loss of relationships and seeks to make others proud. Paradoxically, Leo is one of the most commonly misunderstood of the Zodiacs, and when emotions do come out, they’re often fiery and intense. Over time, Leo learns to process rather than enact vulnerable feelings and feel the burn of misunderstandment later.


Widely known for being the most social and well-liked of the Zodiacs, Libra holds space for the countless opinions and perspectives of others. Easily able to see and balance all sides of the equation, it’s far too often Libra forgets to include voice and weight of their own. Recognizing their own disappointment is likely an experience that’s few and far between, as Libra has to go to great lengths before admitting emotional discrepancy. As a cardinal air sign, indecision is a common occurrence. Part of Libra’s healing work is learning to speak and place value on the weight of their own emotional landscape, disappointment and grief included.


Gentle and dreamy by nature, Pisces is gifted with empathetic qualities that transcend layers of everyday reality. An innate ability to swim in the waters of the unconscious often leaves Pisces overwhelmed by the amount of input they’re taking in. This sign is prone to searching for avenues of avoidance and escapism. When facing disappointment, Pisces is less likely to vocalize feelings of frustration and instead handle experiences internally. It often feels easier to process in solitude rather than risk stirring a pot that might lead to emotional burnout. Part of Pieces’ inner w0rk is learning to stay connected to and speak for themselves rather than act as a sponge for others’ expression.