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4 Zodiacs Who Need A Serious Wakeup Call This Week (August 21 – 27)

It’s so easy to go about your life doing things the way you always have. You get into that groove and life keeps going on auto-pilot. Unless you stop and look around once in a while, you might not notice how this life isn’t serving you. Maybe you’re pushing people away or not seizing opportunities to reach your dreams. Rather than continuing through life with blinders on, you need a serious wakeup call to see how things really are. If you’re one of these four zodiac signs, it’s time for a wakeup call.


While chaos may make life more exciting, it also has its way of ruining perfectly good relationships and experiences. Avoiding anything that bores you, including people, will ultimately make you lonely. This week, look inward. What are you avoiding with all this chaos? Why do you push people away as soon as they seem like they’re getting comfortable? As soon as they might be unhappy with you? Settle down for just a moment to check in with yourself and figure out how you really feel.


When you get so caught up in the energy of the people around you, you’ll find yourself waiting for everyone else to make moves. It’s your friends who initiate hang-outs, not you. You’re not the one to ask someone out, instead waiting for them to do the work. You wait for promotions to roll in instead of asking for them. Taking a backseat in your own life can mean being steered in directions you never intended for yourself. This week, take an active role in your existence.


You love an adventure, large or small. Why sit at home when you could be at the farmer’s market or the side of a mountain or lugging salmon into an Alaskan fishing boat? This week, ask yourself this important question: Are you running toward adventure or away from something you don’t want to face? Maybe taking the time to stay home will do you some good. Your wakeup call could come in the form of failing relationships or important internal work that you never would have noticed if you’d kept running away.


You’ve heard it before. Some people in your life–especially exes–have said that you’re unfeeling. You lack emotions completely, they say. You know better than anyone that’s not true, but you should probably also understand why people say that about you. You keep everything inside, preferring to lead with concrete facts than unreliable emotions. The problem here is that it’s a lot harder to connect with people when you never let the insides show. This week, figure out how a life of wider emotions and empathy could lead you down a better path.