4 Zodiacs Who Need To Reconsider Their Life Path This Week (Nov 27 – Dec 3)

Your life is on a trajectory right now. Everything that you’ve done in life, both big things and small, have led to this moment. But what if you look up and don’t like where you’ve ended up? It’s never too late to change things, to make them better. For these four zodiac signs, this week is the perfect time to look at the path you’re on. Is it serving you? Or are you just along for the ride? Now might be a good time to divert from this course and choose a new one.


Every zodiac sign has their “thing,” and yours is your love for your comfort zone. Once you’ve found the life you want, you stay in it, getting happiness from the routine. The problem is that people grow and change–including you–and you might not have noticed if your comfort zone is no longer serving you. Does it still make you happy, or are you going through the motions because it’s all you know? Use this week to figure out if your laugh is actually how you want it.


You’re good at knowing when something’s wrong. After all, you’re incredibly in-touch with your emotions. Doing something about it is another story, though. You often get stuck in a rut, focusing on worrying about your life rather than changing it. This week, look at your life path not to see how you feel about it, but to see what can be changed. You have way more power than you give yourself credit for. You aren’t stuck–you just have to do the work to get where you want to go.


When you have a concrete list of tasks in front of you, there’s nothing that can get in your way of achieving them. While you’re amazing when it comes to outlining long-term goals, you often have blinders on while in the process of meeting them. This week, take a moment to look around and check in with yourself. Are you still as excited about what you’ve been working toward as you were when you started? Or do you maybe need to reevaluate? If it’s the latter, there’s nothing wrong with stepping off track and coming up with a new life path.


You’re an intense person, and when you fall in love with a hobby or a career choice, you’re all-in. The only thing that might hold you back from changing your current life path is your fear of failure. Here’s the thing: Choosing a new path doesn’t mean you failed at the first one. It just means that you’ve changed your mind, and there’s nothing wrong with that. This week, consider whether you’re on your current path because you want to be, or because you’re afraid you’ll look like a failure if you stay.