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4 Zodiacs Who Should Get Back On Dating Apps This Weekend (Jan 27-29)

I think we can all agree that dating apps suck. Tinder is a power-swiping meat market of creeps. Hinge is great with the voice prompts, but you still have to weed through a bunch of duds to find anyone remotely good. And yet, the apps are sometimes the only place that you an actually meet someone. If you’re one of these four zodiacs, here’s your sign that it’s time to start trying again.


It can be really hard for you to step outside of your comfort zone. You have your nice comfy home just how you like it, and the small-yet-tight circle of friends you love to spend time with. What more could you want? Well…an amazing relationship would be nice. Yet it’s so hard for you to get on the apps and actually meet people. The nerves and anxiety are too much. I have an assignment for you: Go back on the dating apps for just this weekend. That’s all you have to commit to. Do your swiping and if anyone seems cool, set up a date for Sunday. That’s all. And if, come Monday, you still hate it, by all means delete them again. At least you tried, right?


You have this romantic notion that you’ll meet someone in real life. Maybe you’ll be singing karaoke and they’ll come compliment your song choice. Or maybe you’ll be strutting through town in an amazing outfit and they’ll stop you to ask where you got it. Any number of scenarios float through your head, but answer this: Has it worked? Are these meet-cutes actually happening? If not, get on those apps. If it makes you feel any better, you could always get super creative with your pictures or bio. You don’t have to be like everyone else just because you’re on the dating apps, Leo. Be uniquely you.


You know so many people, have so many friends, but how many of them have set you up on a date only to end up with a dud? Set-ups aren’t the fairytale romance you might have hoped for. And all the drama that ensues from dating within the friend group hasn’t turned out all that well, either. Why not try dating apps again? If you get spooked by the potential for a creepy date, you could always be up front and ask for a group date scenario. You could each bring a friend, which will take a lot of the pressure off. Plus, if the date sucks, you can still salvage the night with the person you brought along.


Finding adventure partners can be hard. Plenty of people share photos of themselves on hikes or rock climbing or deep-sea fishing, yet when you start dating them you realize it was all a façade. They shared those pictures to seem cool when in reality that’s a once-a-year thing for them and they spend the rest of it binging Netflix on the couch. Sure, you’ve come across these dating app liars. We all have. But not everyone is a fake. Some people are genuine. It might just take you a while to find them.