Brian Jr Asare

4 Zodiacs Who Should Stay Away From Their Crush This Week (April 1 – 5)

Some of us come on too strong. Others lose themselves in the process of finding love. Whatever your reasons, these four zodiac signs should probably give the crushing a break this week. Stay away from your crush and take a break from pining for someone. You’ll come back next week refreshed and a lot more aware of what your next steps should be, whether it’s asking them out or giving up on the crush entirely.


You’re bold. That’s an inherent trait of yours that most people love about you. Unfortunately, that boldness can sometimes spook people who are meeker than you. If your crush is more of an emotional introvert than you are, you might want to give them some space this week. This’ll do to crucial things for you. It’ll give your crush time to process how they feel about you, and it’ll give you time to figure out whether you want someone who can’t handle you at your 100% maximum, 24/7. You might come out of this week realizing you aren’t as much of a perfect match as you thought. Or you could come away with a deeper connection and a renewed crush. Either way, you’re better off for the break.


Even you can admit that sometimes you can be a bit much. You wear your heart on your sleeve and you can’t help but let everyone know how you’re feeling, whether you really want to or not. This can leave your crush feeling incredibly overwhelmed. Even if they like you back, they might be intimidated by your big feelings. Maybe taking a break could be freeing for both of you? Don’t think of it as a strategy, though. We’re not trying to turn dating and falling in love into a game. Instead, just consider it a week of self-care and reflection. It’s for you, not for your crush, and certainly not a way for them to fall for you through the old adage, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder.”


You don’t always fall for people, but when you do, you fall hard. You obsess over them. You picture what your life would be like if you got married. You quietly anguish every time they talk about a date they went on. You take unrequited love to the extreme–and they probably have no idea. That’s why you need to steer clear of your crush this week. It has nothing to do with them and everything to do with you just needing a break, a breath of fresh air. Obsession isn’t good, Leo. And are you really into them or just the idea of them you have built up in your head? Use this week for the much-needed space you’ve been avoiding.


There are two ways you crush on someone. You either like them just because it’s fun to have a crush, or you take it all way too seriously. For the latter, you’re the type to agonize and analyze every single little text. If your crush sends you a meme, you’ll screenshot it and send it to all your friends so you can get their input on what it means. You’ll draft a text and rework it over and over for hours just so you can avoid confusion that could arise from using one exclamation point versus two. If you’re currently going through that kind of crush, take a break this week. Your nerves need it.