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4 Zodiacs Who Will Be Rewarded For Taking A Risk On September 26


The risk you take today, Gemini, is unplugging completely and canceling all of your plans. I know it feels like you’re obligated to be on call 24/7, no matter your profession, no matter if the request is professional or social, but the truth is that’s not the case. That email you received at 4:57 p.m. can be answered tomorrow or by someone else on the thread. The dinner plans you are too exhausted to attend can become a raincheck. You can take a moment to catch your breath without letting down or ruining the entire world. You can be human. You can run out of energy. You can take a sick day and tomorrow will come, exactly as today did, with limited repercussions. 


The risk you take today is a giant leap for your own happiness. Maybe you book that trip to Europe, finally work up the guts to book a session with a therapist or personal trainer. Maybe you splurge on that piece of clothing or accessory you’ve wanted since you were a little kid. Maybe you close on a home. Whatever it is, the risk begins by believing in yourself. Believing you can make your own dreams come true. Believing that it’s possible to be this happy and, more importantly, that you deserve to be. Once you get past the ‘too-good-to-be-true’ haze, take a moment to acknowledge all the hard work that brought you here today.


The risk you take today, Aquarius, is telling someone you can handle it. Maybe it’s a boss, a friend, a parent, a teacher. Some authority figure you respect and have striven to impress. Years under their tutelage have taught you invaluable lessons, and it’s prepared you for the challenge you face today. Whatever it is you have to tackle, the first step is communicating that you don’t need any help. You can create the presentation, plan the party, have the tough conversation, pay the bill, pass the test, without any hand holding. It’s all about rising to the occasion and proving to those who matter that you have learned to believe in yourself without anyone needing to believe in you first.


The risk you take today, Pisces, involves following a well-trodden path. You are most comfortable when paving your own way, straying far from the expectations and trends of the people around you whether that be through fashion, lifestyle, career, relationships, or personal values, the more unconventional the better. But something recently has changed. You find yourself wanting something, or at least wanting to try something pretty conventional. Maybe the Barbie movie inspired you to experiment with bleaching your hair, or you’re curious about joining a sorority. Maybe you want to buy the latest skincare trending on TikTok, or have reconsidered the possibility of getting married or having children. The risk you take is that of allowing yourself to participate in every aspect of life you want to experience, while trusting you can maintain that pioneering spirit and uniqueness that makes you you.