Mitya Parker

4 Zodiacs Who Will Go Through A Big Life Change During Taurus Season

It’s Taurus Season, and four zodiac signs will experience some big life changes!

The Sun moves into Taurus from April 19th to May 20th, and all the zodiac signs will feel the transition from energetic, fiery Aries to the Venus-ruled Earth sign. This season is marked by a few significant transits, including April 20th, when Jupiter and Uranus form a conjunction in Taurus—an event that only occurs approximately every 12 years. This conjunction is full of potential as the planet of abundance and fortune meets the planet of innovation and rebellion, giving new ideas and creative energy that is sure to impact our lives. 

Additionally, The New Moon in Taurus and the Full Moon in Scorpio push us to set new intentions and release things that no longer have a place in our lives. Mars in Pisces and Venus in Aries will move from into the signs of their rulership (Aries and Taurus, respectively) and will push us to take action and have a deeper appreciation for our relationships. 

While it’s no surprise that Taurus placements will feel this energy the most, they aren’t the only ones who can expect some significant life shifts this season. The other fixed signs, Aquarius, Leo, and Scorpio placements, will also feel the impact and should prepare themselves to start new life chapters.

Check the signs below to see what life changes you can expect!


It’s your time to shine, Taurus! This season, focusing on your 1st House of Self and Identity offers a unique opportunity for personal growth and self-discovery as the Sun finally shifts into your sign. This season will illuminate how you want to present yourself and project that image into the world. The very beginning of the season starts with a bang, as Jupiter and Uranus form a conjunction in your 1st House, an event that is sure to creatively inspire you with new ideas and innovations that allow your best self to step fully into its power. This is a period where you’re bound to make a great impression, and we all know how far those can take you. A few days later, Mercury will finally station direct, leaving retrograde and lifting the weight of your 12th House of Isolation and Subconscious. Then, when Mars shifts from Pisces into its home sign of Aries, you may feel more motivated than ever to work on your healing while also helping others who need you. A brand new chapter is about to begin for you—embrace it!


Your career may be seeing some major shifts, Leo. Taurus season lights up your 10th House of Career and Public Image, putting you in the spotlight whether you’re ready or not. With the Jupiter and Uranus conjunction kicking things off immediately, you’ll likely feel extremely innovative with new creative projects and ideas to implement at work or to achieve your long-term goals. Don’t be surprised if you finally start getting the long-awaited recognition you deserve! Around the time of the Scorpio Full Moon, you may also find you need to strike a more effective work/home balance, mainly to ensure you don’t fly too close to the Sun and can properly keep yourself going amongst all the excitement. When Mars shifts out of Pisces into Aries, you may feel more motivated than ever to expand your horizons and embrace new adventures. You have everything you need to make things happen, Leo—what will you do with it?


You could experience some pretty significant changes in your home life, Aquarius. While many expect big life changes to happen publicly, don’t underestimate what goes on behind closed doors. Taurus season focuses on your 4th House of Home and Roots, emphasizing the importance of family and community in your life. You may want to prioritize spending time with your family and loved ones and enjoying your time at home. When the Jupiter and Uranus conjunction occurs, you may become inspired with new ideas and projects to improve your home, or you may have a stronger desire to learn more about your family and history to get in touch with your roots. You may learn about your family legacy that could change how you see things. When the Scorpio Full Moon occurs in your 10th House of Career and Public Image, you may be releasing expectations of who the world wants you to be and fully embracing who you are. You could also find motivation to get in touch with your local community or visit your hometown for more perspective on where you came from. It’s not easy to look back, but sometimes it’s necessary to see how far we’ve come. 


Your relationships are preparing for some changes, Scorpio. Taurus season shines a light on your 7th House of Partnerships, meaning your romantic connections are not only in focus, but your close friendships, business partners, and even open enemies are also. When the Jupiter and Uranus conjunction occurs, you may feel inspired to try new things or embrace new paths with your current partners and friends, bringing you closer than ever. With the new moon in Taurus, you could feel the need to set new intentions for what you want and need in your relationships and better ways to show up for the ones you love. When Mars moves into Aries, you could feel more energized to help and support those closest to you in tangible, practical ways, making you more dependable and the shoulder to lean on. When the Scorpio Full Moon appears in your 1st House of Self and Identity, you may release the ideas of who you feel you’re expected to be and recognize just how sure of yourself you are, especially as you show up as a better partner and friend. It’s time to take your connections seriously—they have much to show you and so much love to give.