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4 Zodiacs Who Will Go To Great Lengths To Protect Their Partner Before The End Of April


Scorpio tells the white lie that keeps on growing, all to protect their loved on at the end of this month. They didn’t realize at the beginning, when this lie was being formed, just to what lengths they’d have to go to keep up the ruse, but when the need arises, they stick to their original plan. It would hurt even more for them to find out that Scorpio has been lying than it would have to hear the truth originally, and Scorpio is all about protecting other people’s feelings. They haven’t done anything wrong, and aren’t avoiding punishment with this omission. They’re literally just making a choice for someone else because they think they know better. They think it’s better for them to stay ignorant than to face the difficulty of the truth. In some cases, Scorpio can go too far playing god, but in this case it really is a harmless decision.


Virgo is going to intercede, interject, and interfere on behalf of their significant other before the end of the month. Someone is just going to set off their inner guard dog reflexes, and boy is Virgo ready to bark back at whatever threat this person is posing to the relationship. Maybe it’s an ex with ill intentions, a toxic mutual friend, or simply someone bullying their boo, no matter who it is, Virgo ain’t got time to deal with their bullshit, and definitely won’t let their partner deal with it either. Said partner won’t be able to help be attracted to Virgo’s ability to handle the situation and be trusted to respond appropriately and authoritatively. Especially if the partner is one who shies away from conflict, having a Virgo by their side is a clear compliment to their personality. And after Virgo is done being the big, strong protector, they’ll get to have their turn being babied and catered too. It’s all about the reciprocation in this relationship. 


By siding with their partner before the end of the month, Leo is going to come into direct conflict with people they’d usually steer clear of displeasing. But everyone has to eventually draw that line in the sand, right? That’s the question Leo has been wrestling with for months, but it all finally comes to a head in the next few days. Left with absolutely no alternative, no chance at a win win situation, they’re going to side with their significant other. Their recent stalling doesn’t mean they love them any less, it just means they’re a diplomatic partner who is going to look for a solution that doesn’t burn any bridges if they have a choice, and when none can be found, they won’t shy away from lighting that match. They are just as dependable and loyal as the signs who will jump immediately to the more abrasive answer to the problem.


Aquarius sees the whisper of a problem starting to form for their partner, and immediately acts to prevent as much harm as possible. If things are rocky at their partner’s place of employment, Aquarius cuts back on small pleasures to pad their emergency fund. If it’s emotional support the partner needs, Aquarius clears their calendar to be present and available. No matter the problem, no matter how big or how small, Aquarius has been preparing for weeks. So when things finally reach a breaking point at the end of this month, Aquarius flips the magic switch that springs their plan into action like a super hero activating their fully soup up vehicle or suit full of gadgets and gizmos. Nothing can stand in the way of them and their partner’s happiness be it rain, shine, or just a really competitive online concert ticket sale. Aquarius is always there to save the day.