4 Zodiacs Who Will Put Off Breakups For As Long As Possible

4 Zodiacs Who Will Put Off Breakups As Long As Possible

Some zodiacs are going to break up with you the second the idea pops into their head. Other zodiacs are going to put off the conversation. They’re going to continue dating their partner for much longer than they should because they don’t want to deal with the drama (or don’t want to go back to being single). Here are a few zodiacs who will put off breakups:


Cancers are fixers. They don’t want to let go of someone once they grow attached to that person. They are willing to do anything possible in order to salvage the relationship. They will bend over backward for this person. They will make sacrifices for this person. They will try their hardest to make the relationship work. Even if it’s pretty clear that they don’t make sense together, a Cancer will try their hardest to come up with compromises that will make them both happy. A Cancer goes into each relationship believing this is THE relationship, so it really hurts to say goodbye. They will put it off as long as possible.


Libras cannot stand confrontation. They’ll pretend everything is perfectly fine, even when they’re dying inside because it’s easier than vocalizing their real feelings. Since they don’t want to hurt someone they care about, they will procrastinate when it comes to breaking up. They won’t want to make this other person upset. They won’t want to cause any stress or insecurities to arise. They are much more comfortable with mutual breakups, or with breakups initiated by the other person, so they will wait things out and hope that the other person does the work for them.


Pisces are a sensitive sign. They are heavily impacted by other people’s emotions. When someone they care about (or even a complete stranger) is upset, they are going to be upset. When someone else cries, they’ll cry. That’s why it’s going to kill them to break up with someone. They are going to feel absolutely terrible about what they’re doing, even if they know it’s the best thing for the both of them in the long run. Pisces are going to feel just as devastated over the breakup as their partner, even when they’re the one initiating the conversation. Losing someone that they care about is never easy for them.


Taurus are comfortable exactly the way things are. Even though they might not be happy with their partner, they feel safe and secure with their partner. They know what to expect from the relationship, which beats stepping into the unknown and being caught off guard. Even though a Taurus might secretly want to end a relationship, they’ll be too scared of what will happen once this person goes away to go through with it. They will procrastinate for as long as possible just in case there’s a chance that the relationship will work out in the end. They don’t want to make any rash decisions that they’ll regret. They would rather stay patient. Stay hopeful.