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4 Zodiacs Who Will Thrive During Mars In Leo

Buckle up, everyone—Mars is entering Leo!

On May 20th, Mars (the planet of ambition, drive, and action) is moving into Leo (the sign mostly known for its confidence and love of the spotlight) and will remain there until July 10th. Mars is a planet that often engages and affects our energy levels and our motivation to get things done, as well as how intensely we may experience or express emotions such as anger or passion. When in the sign of Leo, Mars absolutely loves to take the lead and prove itself. It pushes us to go after what we want without hesitation, and it’s not one for patience or slowing down.

While all the signs will experience Mars in Leo to some degree, a few zodiac signs may find themselves thriving a bit more under this transit. Check out the signs and placements below to see which signs will likely thrive under Mars in Leo this summer. 

Leo (All personal placements)

Mars has arrived in your 1st House of Self and Identity, meaning you have quite the journey coming your way, Leo. While this will most directly affect Leo risings, all Leo placements will still feel the heat from this transit. This will be a time when you may feel a more distinct push to put yourself out there and show the world who you truly are. With Mars previously in your 12th House, you’ve likely felt a little sluggish and introspective, but now you’re desiring to hit the gas pedal at full speed. It doesn’t hurt that the 1st House is the very one which Mars rules, making the planet feel more at home for you. 

Aquarius (Rising)

With Mars moving into your 7th House of Partnerships and Relationships, you’re likely going to feel a pressing desire to take action when it comes to those you love. If you’ve been contemplating taking the next step, this is a great time to put those thoughts and discussions into action. Commitment and follow through feel more accessible than usual—and as a sign who tends to have a bit of hesitation about committing yourself to a person or connection, this could help ease some doubts. 

Scorpio (Rising)

You could be feeling the need to take action career-wise, Scorpio. Mars is transiting your 10th House of Career and Public Image, and that means more than ever you’re ready to put in the work. While you may always hope to be seen and valued for what you contribute, this Mars transit will likely increase that desire. This could be a time where you feel the need to take more initiative, offer yourself up for more responsibility, or simply go above and beyond to ensure people are aware of what you bring to the table. Just be sure not to burn yourself out in the process. 

Aries (Rising)

With your fellow fire sign taking over your ruling planet, this transit will be an ideal time for you, Aries. Mars will be moving through your 5th House of Romance and Creativity, which gives a boost to your passions and hobbies, as well as your chemistry with others. You may feel a stronger push to express yourself in new, creative ways or to open yourself up to newer experiences and possibilities. You may naturally have a boldness to you, but Mars will only encourage you to take the leap—so why not take a chance?