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4 Zodiacs Who Wish They Could Be More Open With Their Emotions

Some zodiac signs speak of their emotions freely, like Cancer and Pisces. Others aren’t very open, but they like it that way. But some people wish they could open up, but they’re afraid to. These four zodiac signs wish they could be more open with their feelings and emotions.


It’s not that Aries hide their emotions. Aries are often loud and proud about how they feel. It’s more that they feel compelled to be “strong.” They’ll do anything not to seem weak. If they mention that they’re sad, it’s within the same breath as telling you that they’re fine and don’t need any help. They feel like they always need to be in control and confident. Aries wish they could share more of the depth of how they feel, rather than the surface stuff they share with abandon. Unfortunately, if you try to pry it out of them, they’ll get a little squirrely on you. Aries are more likely to be open during late night talks than sitting across from you in a coffee shop.


Virgos can be skeptical when it comes to people asking them deep questions. They want to know your angle. Why are you asking? Why do you need to know? Virgos deal well when it comes to concrete concepts with a logical list of steps to follow to fix a problem. Feelings and emotions are messy things with no cut-and-dry way to deal with them, which is precisely why Virgos would prefer to pretend they just don’t have them at all. Some will even describe feelings as a “waste of time.” So much of this is a front, though. They have emotions just like the rest of us–they aren’t the robots they make themselves out to be. They’re just not sure how to go about opening up. If you show that you’re a safe place to go, they might just let you in.


Scorpios are known for being secretive. They build up massive brick walls around their hearts and only let them down a brick at a time–and only to the select few that they really trust. The thing about walls is they keep people out just as much as they keep you in. If they admit it to themselves, Scorpios envy people who can speak freely and talk about their tumultuous pasts or their mental health. They wish they could be more open, but then they bump into the wall they erected and it keeps them from truly reaching out. Sometimes they just need to be led by example.


While some signs on this list are brimming with emotions that they haven’t yet spilled, Aquarius is more like a still pond. They have emotions–everyone does–but theirs don’t feel as strong as others’ seem to. So they keep them to themselves in favor of being a listening ear to others. They reason it away as helping someone who’s going through a lot more than they are. The thing is, your emotions are valid, even when they’re quiet and reserved. A good way to get an Aquarius to open up is to just ask. They might not volunteer to be the focus of the conversation, but they’re usually game to take the spotlight if others show interest.