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4 Zodiacs Who’ll Be Magnets For Drama This Week (November 20 – 26)

It’s not that you necessarily want to be a drama magnet. It’s just that this is a holiday week for most Americans and with a family-related holiday, there’s bound to be trouble. Heck, the drama could find you even if you’re celebrating a Friendsgiving instead. For the following four zodiac signs, you’ll either be the ones starting all the drama (inadvertently or on purpose) or people will bring their drama to you this week whether you want it or not. Choose your battles wisely or you may end up making things worse.


You’re a fighter at heart. If there’s even a whiff of trouble, you’re there to defend yourself and others. You’re also incredibly opinionated and love to share your views with anyone who will listen. While those can be admirable qualities, they also get you in trouble–especially in mixed company. You’ll be the one debating with your relatives who have trash opinions and shitty beliefs. While it’s great that you’re fighting for what you feel is right, remember that most people are just there to have a good time. Maybe think before you speak this week.


Because your moods can be so fickle, you might draw drama to yourself without consciously looking for it. Get ready for people to argue with you and to blame you for it. Because your dual personality will be on full display, if anyone in your friends or family are looking for a fight, they’ll come find you. Is it your fault? Maybe not, but the results are the same regardless. If you want to be a little more drama-free this week, be free with the apologies and try not to rise to the bait when someone comes for you.


Because you’re often the center of any social group, people will make it your business when there’s drama going on. After all, you’re likely the one who brought everyone together in the first place. Even if you’re skipping the family Thanksgiving and doing a Friendsgiving instead, that doesn’t mean you’re safe from drama. And when there’s a problem with something totally unrelated to you, the drama-starters will make it your problem. It’ll be hard for you to dodge drama completely, but you can make it easier on yourself by telling the offenders that you’re confident they can work it out without you.


You love to hear the gossip any time anyone in your circle is having beef or huge drama. You’re there with the popcorn as your favorite people spill their guts. Unfortunately, that also means that you become connected to the drama whether you like it or not. There’s no such thing as being just an observer when you’re so thoroughly a part of the gossip. This week, if you want to live your holiday more drama-free, institute a no-gossip rule. And if that sounds like torture, maybe you don’t mind being a drama magnet after all.