Candy Cane Lane / Amazon Studios

4 Zodiacs Whose Christmas Decorations Are Over-The-Top In The Best Way

The twinkling lights, the blow-up Santa Claus, the real Christmas holly lining every available surface–it’s the sights and sounds of the holidays that some of the more competitive and festive zodiac signs are all about. Why a single string of lights around your windows when you could deck the halls so thoroughly that your guests feel like they’ve stepped into a Christmas movie? 

If you’ve seen the trailer for the new Eddie Murphy Christmas movie, Candy Cane Lane, you’ll know exactly the picture I’m painting for you. It’s all about a father who would do just about anything to create the best possible Christmas for his family. But who of the zodiac would be channeling that kind of festive energy? These four zodiac signs know exactly how to decorate for Christmas in the most over-the-top, fantastic ways possible.


You’re the zodiac sign with the biggest parent vibes, even if you don’t have any kids. You want to create that magical winter wonderland so that anyone who enters your home can feel like a kid again. Your favorite holiday decorations are the same ones you had as a kid–literally. Your Christmas tree is decked out with the same ornaments you made as a kid, from popsicle stick snowflakes to little elves made of pinecones. And the result? You’ve created a warm and cozy holiday destination people will look forward to every December.


This is where your competitive nature sets in. If you have the option, you’ll create the best looking house on the block with your bombastic decorations. To you, there’s no such thing as too many twinkle lights or festive blow-ups. You’re the one putting in weeks of prep to sync your lights to your favorite Christmas songs. Because there’s nothing that beats the pride of being the best of the best. (And creating a fun holiday tradition, of course.)


Your Christmas decorations are the ones planned out to each individual light. Your intense planning skills create the kind of gorgeous holiday designs that are only rivaled by the fancy layouts in home decor magazines. While you might do some cool designs on the outside of your home, it’s the interior that’s the real show-stopper. You have people leaving your holiday events wishing they could create awesome centerpiece designs like you, but knowing they don’t have the patience.


Why do something halfway when you can go all-out? You’re not the kind of person to sit back and congratulate a job well done when there’s more you could do. This can-do attitude reflects in your Christmas decorations. Your holiday decor mantra? The more lights, the better. Astronauts could see your house from space. Best of all, if your family loves decorations, that’s really when you let your skills shine. You love crafting winter wonderlands if it makes the people you love happy.