4 Zodiacs With The Strongest Connection To Their Childhood Self
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4 Zodiacs With The Strongest Connection To Their Inner Child

Some zodiacs struggle to let loose and have fun because there are so many responsibilities on their plate. They either feel like they don’t have the time to unwind, or like they are too mature to let themselves get goofy. But other zodiacs are still kids at heart. They are incredibly playful and always ready for fun adventures. Here are the zodiacs with the strongest connection to their childhood self:


Taurus, you aren’t afraid to show your silly side. Some of your favorite music, TV shows, and hobbies are the same as they were when you were younger, and you aren’t embarrassed about it at all. There’s no reason to be ashamed because your age doesn’t change who you are at your core. Besides, you couldn’t care less what other people think about you. You would rather be your most authentic self than lie or change yourself in order to fit in with a crowd. You embrace your childish side because that’s really just another word for your fun, carefree side. And you never want to lose that part of yourself.  


Sagittarius, even though you are incredibly responsible when it comes to your career, that doesn’t mean you’re serious all the time. It doesn’t mean you refuse to let down your hair and have some fun. You understand that there needs to be a balance between work and play. You always make sure to set aside enough time to do fun, silly activities that make you happy. After all, there’s no reason to make yourself miserable by working too hard. Life is about more than productivity. You always embrace your youthful side because you deserve to have fun like you did before all these adult responsibilities set in.


Leo, you are one of the most nostalgic signs in the zodiac. You love looking back at the fun memories you’ve shared with your friends and family members over the years. You love watching old movies and listening to old songs that bring you back to when you were young and innocent. You have a strong connection to your childhood self because you’re so fond of your memories from when you were younger. You don’t want that time to disappear completely. You continue to cherish those moments, because even though they are technically over, you can still act like a kid at heart. You can still feed your inner child. You can still be wild and fun.


Pisces, you are in touch with your emotions — and in touch with your childhood self. Instead of being ashamed of the person you once were, you are proud of them. And you want to make them proud. You aren’t afraid to show your silly side because you care more about having fun than looking like you have it all together. You want to try your best to enjoy your life, which means not taking yourself too seriously all of the time. Yes, you are going to be dependable and responsible when the time comes — but when you’re able to act carefree and fun, you’re going to do that too. You aren’t going to let your inner child down.