Yuri Manei

5 Anxious Zodiacs Who Need To Learn How To Trust the Process


Aries are impatient. So, they tend to become discouraged early on when pursuing their dreams. No doubt they’re ambitious people who reach for the stars, but it’s the waiting period of those dreams they need to master. Uncertainty makes these signs uncomfortable. Things moving at a slow pace makes them doubt whether it’s still even worth chasing. Aries needs to learn how to embrace the gradual pace of success. They need to see its value and wisdom. They can preoccupy their time more. Instead of waiting for the next breakthrough, they can keep busy with other things that need time and effort. 


Virgos are one of the ultimate girl bosses of the zodiac. But that doesn’t mean the journey to their success has been perfect. Though intelligent, patient, and enterprising, these signs can fall prey to wanting to throw in the towel if circumstances don’t go right. They feel like things need to be orderly to flourish. But once these signs understand the opportunity in chaos, they’ll learn to be more content when things don’t seem as promising.


Leos love the spotlight that comes with success. But like the fire sign they are, they are as impatient as Aries. A hard time with rejection, these lions may find their egos a bit bruised when chasing their dreams. So they might struggle to trust the process. Leos need to learn to use constructive criticism to their advantage. That’s when they can see themselves fully prospering.


Pisces love the idea of a perfect life, as they’re the type to daydream about their ideal relationship and career. So, when it comes to their road to success, it might seem stagnant at times. Sometimes they might even find themselves blind to the realities of a situation. So, once things become turbulent, this sign’s first instinct is to retreat. Pisces needs to learn how to withstand a storm. They need to see the value in the bad along with the good.  


Capricorns are competitive and ambitious. So, on their path to success, they might become regularly frustrated each time they hit an obstacle. Like the earth sign they are, they need order in their everyday. So, they’re prone to thinking about whether the path to their achievements is still worth taking. Capricorn needs to learn how to trust the journey they’ve chosen to take. That even roadblocks can be part of their success story.