5 Most Superstitious Zodiac Signs

Let’s face it—everyone who believes in astrology is just a little bit superstitious. You kinda have to take it on faith that the alignment of the planets and stars at the moment of your birth will determine your personality, but astrology’s astounding popularity across the globe over thousands of years suggests it appeals to the human soul in ways that science never will.

Being superstitious is our way of taking the universe personally. Maybe you take it as a bad sign when it rains on your birthday. I know I do. I also have an “unlucky number”—a very specific one, and you’re not going to trick me into telling you what the number is, because I just met you and don’t trust you not to use it against me should we ever get into a fight and you get mad enough to throw a hex on me, much less try to put the whammy on me.

Some zodiac signs lean toward logic. Others are more receptive toward their feelings.

Here are the five zodiac signs who tend to be superstitious. All three water signs are represented because they are naturally more emotional and intuitive than, say, your average hard-charging and incurably logical fire sign.

1. Scorpio

It’s no coincidence that Halloween falls within Scorpio’s date range (October 23-November 21). To other signs, the dark and mysterious Scorpio can seem otherworldly—or maybe even like a creature from the underworld. To the more rational and more boring signs, it’s almost as if Scorpios are the hybrid spawn of a random hookup between a black cat and a black widow spider. Although Scorpio is also ruled by Mars, the warrior planet—which means that only a fool would want to cross them—it is the fact that they also are ruled by the remote, cold, and tiny former planet Pluto, which shivers in darkness more than three billion miles from the sun, that gives Scorpio its occult-like allure. Other signs have learned to be a little bit superstitious of Scorpios, and probably with good reason. Like I said, you don’t want to get on their bad side.

2. Virgo

While it may seem odd to classify Virgo—a rational Earth sign—as superstitious, the key to understanding why is their legendary perfectionism. Think about it—why would someone sweat over making sure not one tiny thing is out of place, whether it involves an architectural project or their latest hairstyle? Because deep down, they are not only logically meticulous to a fault, it’s because they are also stricken by a morbid fear that if it’s not perfect, something will go wrong and ruin everything. Their overarching superstition, one that can cause them endless pangs of agony, is that if everything isn’t absolutely perfect, it’s an omen that bad luck’s a-comin’ and a bad moon is risin’.

3. Pisces

All three of the water signs are super-emotional rather than coldly logical, but Pisces can get so emotional that they’re represented by a fish. They are the only zodiac sign symbolized by a creature that literally cannot live outside of water. Even Cancer (the Crab) can take a break every once in a while, scuttle onto the shoreline, and breathe deeply while catching some rays. But Pisces is always drowning in emotions. They are the most spiritually inclined of all the signs, so they are also the most likely to read hidden meaning into even mundane events such as the fact that they don’t have enough peanut butter in the cupboard to make a proper peanut-butter sandwich. To them, there’s no such thing as a nearly empty jar of peanut butter—no, it’s an undeniable portent of doom.

4. Aquarius

Aquarius is guided by a creative and unorthodox form of intelligence that enables them to approach logical problems from unexpected angles. But this open-minded air sign is also humble enough to realize that things which can be perceived don’t necessarily need to be explained—you only need to listen to how they make you feel. If Aquarius gets a good vibe from something or someone, they welcome it (or them) into their life with open arms. But if something blares warning signs at them like an air-raid siren wailing at midnight, they know to stay away. They may not follow the stereotypical superstitions such as fearing the number 13, but they listen to their heart rather than their brain when they suspect that someone or something is bad news.

5. Cancer

Of all the zodiac signs, the Crab is least likely to rely merely on instinct and intuition—they need a material symbol of their superstitions. Just like they need a hard shell to protect them from physical harm, they seek to latch their claws onto good-luck charms they know will ward away evil. Whether it’s a four-leaf clover, a wishbone, a “lucky” coin, or even a sentimental talisman such as their favorite grandparent’s favorite sweater, Cancers need some sort of tangible-yet-magical item to ward off the bad mojo that’s always lurking in the distance, ready to strike.