5 Reasons Why Wedding Planning Is Seriously The Worst

5 Reasons Why Wedding Planning Is Seriously The Worst

People are going to hate you.

You’re going to upset someone. You might not even speak to certain guests again once your wedding day is over. Maybe you didn’t include an old friend in your bridal party. Maybe you didn’t invite a certain relative you haven’t seen since you were a baby. Maybe you arranged seats in a way that upset some guests or didn’t get enough photos with a certain person or didn’t let them play certain music. Even though it’s your wedding and everyone should support your decisions that make you the happiest, someone is going to find something to be pissed about. They’ll try to make your wedding all about them.

Something unexpected is going to go wrong.

Everyone will give you this warning, and no bride (or groom) enjoys hearing it, but it’s the truth. You can listen to horror stories about other weddings. You can research articles about worst-case scenarios. You can create spreadsheets and email your vendors a million times to double-check with them. But it doesn’t matter how hard you plan. Something unpredictable is going to go wrong, and you won’t be able to plan for it ahead of time. You’ll simply have to deal with it as it happens. Even though you want this one day to go perfectly, as a bride, you have to be flexible.

You’re going to go over your budget.

Weddings are ridiculously expensive. You might think having fifty guests sounds cheaper, but venues have minimums. You might think a backyard wedding sounds cheaper, but paying for a caterer and tents and an arch adds up. You might think you’ve listed down everything you need to buy, but there are always more necessities to order. Or there are taxes. Or there are alterations. Or there are tips. Whatever you think you’re going to spend, it’s probably more.

You might not get as much support as you think, especially if your friends live far away.

Bachelorette parties and bridal showers are expensive. Your friends might not be able to fly down to celebrate with you, especially when they need to spend money on flights and hotels for your actual wedding day. You might not be able to get a big group together to shop for dresses, either. Even though your friends love you, they might not be able to drop everything for this big moment.

You will be disappointed.

Maybe a relative you love won’t be able to make it to the wedding. Maybe your favorite dress is out of your price range. Maybe your favorite venue is booked for the next few years. Maybe a pandemic causes you to postpone. Since this day is so important to you, it’ll be hard to manage when even small things go wrong. It might not be the perfect day in every sense of the word, but if you’re marrying the right person and inviting the people you love the most to celebrate you, the work will be worth the exciting times you share. (Unless you would rather elope.)