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5 Zodiacs In Their ‘Barbie’ Era

Have you seen the new Greta Gerwig Barbie movie? While we’re all Barbie, some of us are embracing it more than others. If you’re in your Barbie era, you’re embracing feminism, your feminine side (in whatever fun, empowering way that manifests), and also recognize that life can be hard. You’re also realizing that you don’t need a Ken to feel whole. You can be anything, you can do anything. Are you in your Barbie era? Look for your zodiac sign amongst all the other Barbies below.


Barbie is bold. She does what she wants. Does that ring a bell? You’ve been channeling some serious Barbie energy for a while now. You’re the type of Barbie with the tough job that you do with a smile, because who else will? And you’re also the Barbie who takes no crap from anyone. If you have to fight a whole beach of Kens just to protect the people you care about, you’ll do just that, with a smile on your face for good measure.


You’ve been needing a boost to your self-confidence lately, so watching a movie like Barbie has really catapulted you into a new era. Look at that confident version of you. She’s gorgeous! While it might feel a little foreign to be standing up for yourself the way Barbie would, what’s the harm, really? At worst, you’ll annoy people, and at best, you’ll get a shiny new spine that can handle whatever comes your way.


Barbie doesn’t shy away from the spotlight, and neither do you. If the whole world is looking at you, so what? That’s why you make the big moves. If you have to uplift and motivate an entire land of other Barbies, you will. It’s that star quality that makes this your Barbie era. Plus, you’re also here for the existential dread that permeates a good Barbie era, too.


Every Barbie is a Boss Babe in her own way. That’s why she’s had so many careers. You’re like the President Barbie or Lawyer Barbie. Nothing will stop you from achieving your dreams, especially not while you’re currently in your Barbie era. Sure, the real world’s pesky patriarchy might be looming over you, but you won’t let that stop you from going for it. Take that, Ken!


It’s the dreamy nature of the Barbie movie that has drawn you into your Barbie era. Commence your Soft Girl Season. Are you now loading up your wardrobe in nothing but pink? Yes, and there’s nothing wrong with that. While you might also embrace the existential dread or the boss babe empowerment on occasion, what you’re really channeling is the radical acceptance of how great it is just to be a woman.