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5 Zodiacs That Retreat Into Shells

Some people just need a bit of alone time to rejuvenate and come alive again. They may want to take a walk with a thoughtful podcast playing, bake a new tasty treat, or simply watch their favorite show, but the key point here is that they want to do it alone.

Some signs don’t feel the need for personal space, in fact they thrive on constantly being in contact and surrounded by others. However, these 5 zodiac signs crave space and solo time in order to reset and feel like themselves again.

If you have a loved one in your life that’s one of the 5 signs listed below, try not to take offense when they stray from your company— they’re just trying to revitalize their energy.


Pisces are known for being emotional, intuitive souls. They connect profoundly with others and are certainly empaths that live to love and help those around them. This deep passion to care is what pushes them into social settings and leads them to be the best volunteers, caregivers, and advocates. However, this same passion is also what leads a Pisces to burnout quickly and set them up for some much-needed alone time. Pisces need room to let their heartspace replenish. They need some time for reflection, restoration, and maybe a little bit of self-indulged sulking.

If you’re closely entangled with a Pisces, know that you’re loved, cared for, and in the best hands. But also, understand that when they take some time for themselves, it has nothing to do with you— they solely need some space to revive.


How do you think a Taurus remains so stable, grounded, and peaceful? It’s because they highly value alone time; giving them more opportunity to reflect, grow, and heal than other signs.

Taurus individuals know themselves significantly well and have no problem doing the things they love without anyone by their side. In fact, some alone time gardening, cooking, or watching a movie makes a Taurus feel even more alive. While they love spending time with loved ones, they need room to spend time with themselves as well so they have the proper amount of energy to the people they care about.

Don’t be upset if a Taurus close to you chooses to veer away from the group. They simply need some personal space to give themselves some love before tapping into the larger social scene.


A true homebody, Cancers love being in their own space surrounded by the people and belongings that bring them comfort. While their bright personality and nurturing spirit makes them one of the most dependable signs, it also causes them to need some space to rejuvenate. Their sentimental essence makes them attractive partners and natural caregivers, but leads them towards occasional moodiness or moments of intense overthinking.

If your sweet Cancer communicates the need for some personal space, try not to take offense. They’re simply looking for some room to break out of their head and refresh their radiant light.


Sagittarius individuals are rulers of independence, meaning, they know how to be alone and stand confident in their solo stride. While Sagittarius folks are outgoing and extroverted, they are always pushing the boundaries of their comfort zones and exploring new hobbies, places, and people. Because of their constant desire for adventure and change, they often find themselves riding solo at the head of the pack. In fact, they often crave some time away from the herd where they are completely offset from the people they know and free from the norm.

If you find yourself close to a Sagittarius, you’re in for a fiery, daring adventure for life. Just be sure to give them some space to lead the expedition.


Capricorns are known for their organized, determined nature which often leads them to be highly successful in their career and their partnerships. They are hard workers that articulate themselves accurately and make calculated decisions that bring them closer to their goals. Capricorns make reliable, steady partners due to their driven and nurturing character— they just want to curate the best life for themself and those they love. However, their knack for hyper-focusing and accomplishing goals can give them tunnel vision at times; steering them down a lane of self-sufficiency that expresses no room for others. While this intense independence is not normally a Capricorn’s intention, it is a path they tend to walk down from time to time.

If you find your dependable Capricorn going astray, remind them that you are by their side and remember that leaving you behind is not in their plan.