5 Zodiacs Who Always End Up In The Friendzone
Randy Kinne

5 Zodiacs Who Always End Up As Only Friends

There are some zodiac signs who are experts at getting what they want when it comes to love. And others who always end up catching feelings for their close friends – and then staying friends. Here are some zodiacs who always end up wishing they were more than just friends:


This sign wants to be friends with everyone. They treat everyone equally and give out compliments freely, so it’s hard to tell when they actually have a crush on someone. Since they’re so flirtatious, their crushes will assume that they treat everyone the same way that they’re being treated. They won’t realize that there are any deeper emotions, so they won’t make a move. They’ll end up staying friends with a Libra because they’ll assume this sign is out of their league and uninterested in more.


This sign likes to move incredibly slowly in relationships. They prefer to become friends with someone first, and then gradually grow the relationship from there. However, sometimes their crushes end up getting too comfortable as friends. They assume that’s all the relationship is ever going to be, so they never take the next step and become an official couple. They remain a friend to a Taurus, even when this sign is ready for more, because they get used to their dynamic. They like the way things are and don’t want anything to change.


This sign is super sweet and caring. They will go out of their way to do kind things for everyone in their life – which can backfire on them. Since they will do a million favors and give compliments without expecting anything in return, others grow to see them as part of the family. Cancers are nurturing, so instead of seeing them as a potential romantic partner, their crushes might see them as a mentor or a parental figure. Their bond will be strong, but they won’t be able to picture a relationship with a Cancer because they are so loving and protective.


This sign ends up falling for everyone they meet because they are trusting and get attached easily. Since they fall hard and fast, others aren’t always ready to be their partner. They might want to be their friend instead. Plus, Pisces are people pleasers so they go out of their way to do nice things for others. They won’t expect anything in return, which can create an unbalanced relationship. They might end up bending over backward for their crush while getting nothing in return. They might be treating their crush like their partner while their crush is still treating them like another friend.


Scorpios are secretive. It’s hard to tell what’s on their mind because they keep their cards close to their chests. Since this sign keeps their feelings to themselves, their crush is never going to know that they’re interested. Since neither person will want to make a move, they’ll end up staying friends even if they’re both interested in something more. Their mysteriousness might be attractive at first – but it could backfire on them.