5 Zodiacs Who Are Obsessed With Disney

5 Zodiacs Who Are Obsessed With Disney

Some zodiacs can’t get We Don’t Talk About Bruno out of their heads – and they’re perfectly happy about it. They can’t get enough of Disney. Here are some zodiacs who are obsessed with that famous mouse:


Most Taurus are low-key obsessed with Disney, whether their friends realize it or not. They love singing along to classic Disney movies and learning the lyrics to new ones. They aren’t embarrassed to embrace their silly side because they are kids at heart. Plus, they are stubborn and uncomfortable entering new situations so they gravitate toward the things that they already know. They can rewatch the same movies again and again (and visit the parks again and again) because they feel familiar. They feel safe.


Aries appreciate Disney because it makes them feel like a kid again – and they are sick of acting like an adult. They work hard and are weighed down with so much responsibility during their regular, day to day life, and watching movies or visiting the parks gives them a chance to feel carefree again. Aries are always itching to go on their next adventure, just like their favorite characters. When they’re stuck at home, living vicariously through princesses and mermaids is a great way to get rid of their restless energy.


This sign is family oriented. They are nurturing. They love playing the role of caregiver. Whether they have children of their own or are the go-to babysitter of the family, they spend a lot of time surrounded by kids. Since they’re always around people younger than them, they spend a lot of time watching Disney content. And even if the movies aren’t always their cup of tea, they get enjoyment out of watching the faces of their loved ones. Since Disney makes their relatives happy, it makes them happy.


A lot of Leos are theater kids, so they dream of working as characters at the parks or starring in the films. They know every lyric to the most famous (and most obscure) songs and won’t hesitate to belt them out during a karaoke night. Leos are one of the most artistic signs in the zodiac, so they are able to recognize pure talent – whether it has to do with animation or singing or dancing or writing. Leos know how much time and energy are put into Disney films, so they can’t help but appreciate the people who work tirelessly behind the scenes and don’t get nearly enough credit.


Pisces are an emotional sign. They cannot watch a Disney film without bursting into tears. They love watching love unfold – whether it’s love between partners or siblings or parents and children. Disney movies hit them hard because they are impacted by the feelings around them. They cry when they see others crying, and they smile when they see others smiling. Even when they know stories are fiction, they also know many people can relate to the themes of loss and pressure and struggling to find your place in this world – which gets them super emotional.